Monday, April 28, 2008

Friday Donkament and Getting PLO'd in the Ass

Once again I decided to play Kat's Donkament on Friday evening. I think I have found the secret. Go to happy hour. Come home with a good buzz. Win enough chips in the rebuy period that when you start to fall asleep during the second hour you can keep folding. Then by the time the final table hits, you have enough of a headache to keep you awake to win the bitch. Works for me. Basically I used all my luckboxing skills early to four-ple up on the first hand and then magically made 1010 hold up against 88, AK, and I think KJ right before the end of the rebuy. Can't tell you fuck about the next 30 mins or so as I couldn't keep my eyes open. Down to the bubble got it all in with QQ vs AK. Flop of QJ10. Turn A. River K. That was some serious ghey-ass shit there, but who am I to complain. HU with Riggstad went quick as I think like 5 hands in I got QQ again, he had an ace. There was alot of raising with a ragging flop and the QQ held up. So the Donkament is +EV for me. I'm pretty sure this is like winning a gold medal at the Special Olympics, but I guess I know my role.

Unfortunately this was the high water mark of the weekend. I spent the rest of it getting butt raped at the PLO tables. Which is bound to happen at some point when playing this game. Each loss was a little different then the next. First one I had AAxx in the BB and the button had been pot betting every time it folded to him. No difference this time, so I just call from the BB. The flop come a fairly innocuous J23 rainbow. I figure I'd let him pot bet and then get him on the re-pot. He obliges, I re-pot, and he thinks about it and smooth calls. This has me perplexed but I only have a few bucks behind now and when the 4 shows on the turn I just ship the 1/4 pot bet I have in my stack in and he calls. He had 9445 no suits. Lovely, rebuy please. Second loss was when a guy minraised UTG and I potted OTB with AKK7ds, then he repots. Now I know this screams AAxx, but I don't know if this is a fold here or not. The 7 is a dangler, but this is pretty strong hand to fold preflop in a 6 handed PLO game. Rightly or wrongly I called, hit the seven and a backdoor FD on the flop and it all went in, and his aces held. The last one stung the most when I was trying to get the 77% at the table and flopped a boat in the BB against him. Of course he hit his 6 outer on the turn for the bigger boat.

I think I need a break from the PLO tables. I feel like I haven't been playing as well the last week or so. Part of that is my quest to make ironman for the month. Why you ask. I have no fucking clue. The challenge, I guess. The 10K freeroll, maybe, that either A) I will get fiercly sucked out on in or B) (The Vegas Money Bet) will coincide with the day my wife goes into labor with our first born. I'm so positive of the second it's scary. Anyway, I digress, I need one more day of 50 FPP's to make it for the month. Most likely one more session on PLO and then a break. All that being said I have enjoyed playing it. This is the first real extended effort that I have made to play more ring then SNG's which has been good for the bankroll overall despite this weekends' setback.

Can you play PLO and change diapers at the same time?

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