Monday, March 24, 2008

A Weekend from Poker after a Weekend of Poker

Since my weekend of poker consisted of Friday and Saturday, that makes today the Sunday of the weekend off from poker since Sunday was the Saturday of the weekend off from poker but Saturday was the Sunday of the weekend of playing poker but Friday really isn't the weekend technically so that may change the whole analogy. Got it? So I'm on break until CHIMPS tomorrow night and that's 50/50 at this point.

Friday afternoon started great with a win the in 14+1 token frenzy in the afternoon, so now I have a nice one of them sitting in my coffers. Unfortunately that was the high water mark. Ended Friday night down a few bucks in the overall scheme, not really that bad. Saturday, however, saw the bevy of 2 and 3 outers on the bubbles of SNG's that broke my spirit. It's not worth recounting all of them. In fact some would say that recounting the negative does not help to reinforce the positive. More Freudian shit that doesn't make my bankroll recover. Don't get me wrong, the hit to the roll was not a stack off by any means (less then 15%), but it did not leave the mind in an optimal place for continued playing. Now I would be nieve to say there were some bad plays in there myself. The way I left Saturday's with Dr. Pauly comes to mind. Overcommiting with a set of 8's Jack kicker on a flush board agasinst a flopped boat in PLO. So in the interest of poker growth I shall focus on the positives and maybe Full Tilt will turn off my doomswitch.


1) Won a 75 token.

2) For the most part got my money in well ahead of my opponents in key situations.

3) Did not use the cash tables to stack off more of my bankroll after the onslaught of bad beats (this is an enourmous leak for me and causes massive tiltage as opposed to being just cranky for the rest of the night).

So why the couple days hiatus? I need to figure out how I want to build back the missing postion of my bankroll. I feel like I am jumping around alot between ring and sng. I feel as though I should really focus on the ring games if that's what I choose to do and pick one and get better at it (flipping between PLO, PLO8, OM8, and NLOM8 is not good). Also I need to figure out what I am willing to invest of my bankroll to win a bracelet race and how much loss I am willing to accept. Just a better plan of action at this point. Finally I just need a few days to stop fearing the worst in every situation so that I can keep putting myself in good situations, cause then the results willl come. Right FullTilt? Are you listening? Hello?

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