Thursday, March 27, 2008

Poker Stars and Home Game

I came back after my brief respite on Tuesday night to play CHIMPS, poorly as Snuffy would point out. Well actually just one hand poorly where I didn't want to believe that he flopped a set with my monster hand of pocket 55's. Bad play me, I can live with that. Making a blatantly bad mookish type play is easier to swallow then getting sucked out on, and that's a fact Jack. I also played my Step 3, and despite a bad hand early with pocket 1010's (which one can and maybe should argue I never should have played) was able to come back and win a step 4 ticket. This win included getting ricockulously lucky in a ridonkulous setup hand 3 handed when the SB pushed in to my BB for the 80th time with AK and I woke with AQ and insta called.

Moving on to the home game last night. Had a bad hand early where I was slowplaying top pair, and letting the OOP bet into me. Unfortuntaley he went runner runner flush to get me. So I was pretty short stacked early and was in full push monkey mode. I then proceeded to win every effing race I got into, I mean every one. With shit hands like K3s, Q8d, just facockta shit. Eventually, I ended up winning the thing for a nice little win on the night. I can't say I played well, but I didn't really play bad either, just balls out lucky, which isn't the worst thing sometimes.

I will play AIPS tonight. I may also play Riverchasers since it is the one blogger tournament that doesn't finish at 2 AM for us east coast lewzors.

And on a side note. Snuffy you can tame your little CHIMPS, but I pwn SLUTS , bitch. And will attempt to become the only 3 time champion and since I'm the only 2 time champion, that ain't to bad. You can have the monkeys, I'll take the bitches.

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