Sunday, March 16, 2008

Home Game w/ Snarf

I haven't played a whole lot in the last week. I played CHIMPS on Tuesday along with the Blogger Skillz with no decent results. I did play a Step 1 with the last W$ that I have left on Stars and was able to advance to Step 2. It was a pretty standard SNG. Hang on and play tight early. When its down to 5 left its shove or fold. I was fortunate enough to pick up a couple of hands and advanced.

Friday night was Gambit's home game. We started with 7 for the cash game that grew to 9 before the tournament started. Snarf was down on vacation and played. In the cash game I ended up $33 for the night. I had kings twoce and aces once when playing hold'em and double flop. The double flop hand I hit a set and won the other side with a pair of kings with an ace on board good for a scoop. Those three hands showed a majority of my profit for the night.

In the tournament I had A8cc early on, raised and got one caller. The flop comes with an Ace and a back door flush. I turned the flush draw and bet again and was called. The river was a blank and it went check check. I ended up losing to A,K. That took a good 600 chips away or so. Could have been much worse if I had to call a river bet. I tried one bluff the whole time which failed. I was down to 800 at 50/75 and picked up 9,9. there was a limp and I limped. Someone behind me raised and the original limper called. I shoved to get heads-up, the original raiser shoved and the person stuck in the middle folded. He tabled A,K but didn't improve and I was up over 2000.

Not much happened after that. With 7 left and the blinds at 150/300 and a stack of around 1200 there was a raise from Gambit to 600 and I shoved with A,Q. There was a re-raise from Snarf and and all-in from Gambit. Snarf had A,Q and gambit had K,K and I am pretty much dead. The board bricks and I am out in 7th.

Less the buy-in and bounty I made a total profit of $8 on the night. Weeeeeeeeee!

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