Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Step 3 Resolution

So, because I am a nit, I ended up folding AQos OTB in this situation. How did the hand play out you ask (or maybe you don't but whatever I'll tell you anyway). Both blinds folded, UTG called with K10os. SS had something to the effect of J6os. Hit a 6 on the flop and UTG hit a 10 on the river. No queen nor ace to be found. Ultimately I made it to 3rd and lost when both players called my push with AK with 99 and Q10, alas I did not improve.

So was this the right play?

I'm still not sure. The way the cards fell it was but we can't make decisions based on that. I would have been putting my money in as a 60/40 fav against the big stack, which is more what mattered, and I'm not sure that that's enough of an edge especially with such a definative bubble spot there. I'm thinking that it's a pretty good chance the the big stack calls there for 1K more to try and kill two players. Also, even had I won a doubled I would have only had a slight lead on the big stack and the current second place. It would not have put me in a dominating spot to win.

So I think it was the right move, but I could be convinced otherwise.

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