Monday, March 3, 2008

I Guess I'm Second

I suppose I should get my introduction on here. Most of you know me as Snuffy. My given name is Scott Carlson. I play online by the name of scottc25 on both Poker Stars and Full Tilt. My previous blog ( has my poker history from 2005 if you are interested (if not eff u :) ).

Here is a quick history of my play. I started playing poker around 2001 online at PokerRoom. I played the weekly freerolls which were actually limit back then. In back to back weeks with 1200 entrants I made the final table and won around $60. That was the start of my poker playing for real money. I pretty much played $5 SNG's back then. I rolled with that money for a long time. I deposited money in 2003 on PokerRoom to try and win a seat into the Main Event of the WSOP. They ran a $200 and a $50 satellite giving away one seat. I actually made the final table of one of them only to lose with Top Top. My headphones paid the price for that beat.

Fast forward to 2006 and I was trying for a satellite again this time on Full Tilt. I took an $8 Turbo 2 table SNG all the way to an entry into the weekly $1000 satellite for the Main Event. They gave away 3 seats and 4th got $3000. Well, I ended up in 5th place. I remeber on the bubble Aaron Bartley as the short stack all-in when he had A,J and the guy who had him covered had A,A and slow rolled him (if thats possible online). The poker gods beat down the slow roller as a straight hit the board to keep him alive. Damn it. I ended up finishing in 5th for nothing.

The very next week I was going to play the $75 to get into the $1000 again when Full Tilt changed the tournament time from 9pm to 12am. I looked over at Poker Stars and they had a $80 to get into the $645. I played that and won. I then won my Main Event seat the following Sunday. Quite a week for me. I tried winning another seat in a $320 satellite. It gave a way one seat and $1500 for 2nd. Going to the final table I had double the chips of anyone else. I ended up tangling in a pot with the player 2nd in chips and lost. My set lost to his flopped straight. I was able to come back and take 2nd for a decent pay day.

Wow I used to run good online.

Uh oh, my flight is being called. I will finish this up tonight.

Thanks for reading the new blog. Some exiting stuff to come soon.

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