Thursday, March 27, 2008


This series has to be rigged, right? How else can you explain the reason for the creator sitting in 1st place with four events left in the season. I managed to take 3rd place last night which was my 7th final table and 4th top three of the season. I was able to take over 1st place by 12 points. There is still 4 events left and its anyones title to win. Congrats to SmBoatDrink's first CHIMPS bracelet.

I can't wait till I get another memory stick for my digital camera so I can show you what I did while playing Step tournaments yesterday on Poker Stars. I was playing a step 2 with 5 people left. While 5 handed and a slight chip lead I managed to lose ALL of the following when all-in pre-flop:

A,J < J,10
A,10 < Q,10
A,J < K,Q

I ended up busting in 5th and getting a step 1 ticket. That's when my heel went through the drywall in my office (picture coming soon). Yeah, I can tilt pretty good. Naturally I open up another step 2 and with 5 people left I have about 5 bb's left, which was 5th at the time but about the same as 3rd and 4th. I get A,A UTG and shove and everyone folds. I go through the blinds and on the button I get A,A again and shove. I am called by the chip leader in the BB with K,J. Flop K turn J and I am out the door with a step 1 ticket.

At the same time as my step 2 was going I played in a step 1. With 4 people left I have 7500 chips and 3x as much as 2nd place. I manage to finish 3rd in that one to get a step 1 redo.

Its amazing how much more fun and easy it is writing about bad beats compared to wins and cashes. Be thankful Snarf that I didn't mention that 5,5 hand. Oops, too late.

AIPS is tonight along with a fantasy baseball draft. Now that will be some multi-tabling to see.

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