Monday, March 17, 2008

Jennifer Harmon's SPCA Tournament

Snuffy talked me into registering for this event tonight and proceeded to bust himself out in the first 15 minutes leaving me all alone with 3008 of Full Tilt's donks finest players.

This guy showed up at my table with a nice stack and was out a few hands later.

JJ three bet this hand. I was shocked when the QQ guy shoved.

Two hands later he shows:

Then very next hand he gets nailed by a gutshot:

He gets a hand to shove with:

Rut row, one move too many:

I guess he was steaming or got greedy.

I hung on to cash but I was playing real snug. I have to say that this "chick" that sat on my left most of the time was playing as snug as me and she managed a nice comeback at the end. She was a true testament to staying patient as my buddy Jamyhawk likes to say. Jamy just missed cashing in this. Thanks for the rail!

I went out when I shoved my 17K (1k/2k/250) with K2h from SB and BB woke up with AQo.



  1. Not my fault I was out early. AIPF with KhKs vs A,K and Q,Q. Flop AhXhXh. I don't draw out after suckout. Ova!

  2. That was a donk fest. Lol. I went out 206ish when someone called off half his stack with JTo.