Monday, March 10, 2008

One of those weekends

I now sit at my desk on Monday morning still steaming from the throws of bad beats that comprised and entire weekend. Now don't get me wrong I think there were one or two sng wins hidden in there but not nearly enough to offset the losses. It started innocently enough when on Friday afternoon I played the 75 token frenzy at 1645. I had doubled my stack when the hijack limped and I saw a free flop in the BB with Q5. I proceeded to then flop two pair make a small check raise on the flop and then jam the turn hoping he hit the ace that was there and he did.........along with his 5 for a better two pair, IGHN. Meanwhile at the FT of a Tier 1 8.80 I jam with AK from UTG and the BB calls off his entire stack with 66. Of course I don't improve.

Saturday was more of the same but nothing really stands out. Maybe that's because the culmination came on Sunday. In a PLO8 SNG, UTG raises to 600 (blinds 100-200) and OTB I find AA23 single suited (I swear I heard a chorus of angels at the same time) so I jam for my entire stack of 1800. UTG, thinks and thinks, and finally calls with... wait for it wait for it.........KK25 no suits. Well after the turn and two high cards and two low cards on the baord I don't think I need to tell you what the river was. Brilliant play sir. Must be advanced. Then onto the 6 player sng where I raise to 600 (blinds 100-200) from the SB with 1010, BB insta calls. Flop 256, I bet pot he calls. Turn 9, I jam, he calls, flips over 78.

Somehow I thought this post would make me feel better, but it doesn't. Usually when I go through these spells I try to switch up the game. SNGs to ring. NLHE to PLO. But I tried that this weekend all with no avail. The one bright spot was putting 3/4 of of my PokerStars bankroll on the line in a $16 turbo sng and coming second, but even that has the caveat of me losing HU when I had him all in blind on consecuative hands and he won both and proceeded to win every race after that. Well hopefully I am going out to dinner tonight, which means little if any play. Then Tuesday is CHIMPS, which I'm sadistically looking forward to the multi-tourny event for this week. And Wednesday I leave for a little spring training baseball in Tampa/Clearwater. Which will also net some poker play with Snuffy, Gambit and a few others. So hopefully this will break the curse or at least put it on hold til I can better deal with it.

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  1. I'm sure you've been through a streak like this before Snarf. Just remember to protect your bankroll and don't try and play higher to get unstuck.

    I recently had a week like this - it seemed like I was loosing every race. Even when I got it in as a huge favourite (big PP vs small PP) I was getting beat. On one hand I had aces and reraised an EP raiser from the cutoff, he shoved with A7 and flopped to sevens.

    Stay focussed and as long as you're getting your money in good it'll turn around.