Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Turbo SNGs

Snarf has turned me on to these Turbo SNGs. He prefers the PLO8 because the players are truly horrible. For the most part a little patience goes a long way when playing these Turbos.

As long as you realize you will be pushing fine edges you will be fine.

Just don't take unnecessary risks too early.

I donked out of a Tier 1 Turbo 2 table having played only two hands:

I raise it up from the small blind:

I shove with JJ.


Well, I was home, but you know what I mean.

Next I fired up an $11 Turbo 1 Table NLHE.

I meant to raise pot here but the button didn't activate for whatever reason. The results would have been the same I'm sure.

I was really just stealing from the button here but it didn't quite go as planned at first. Glad they ultimately folded.

He was short enough to take it with KK. If he had me covered I might have thought about smooth calling and shoving any flop without an A.

The comeback begins.

The comeback continues.

Now I have some chips. Let's see if I can hold on to them.

He's been very aggressive from the button and I've been tight and shown down some big hands. He doesn't want to gamble with a weak A or a small pair.

The last 77 hand was good to me. Let's try again.

I can wait for a better spot.

I should have gone broke here but I couldn't pull the trigger.

Split pot? WTF? This was supposed to be my Get Out of Jail Free hand.

The bitter end.

Still a cash is a cash.

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