Friday, March 7, 2008


I went over to deadmoney5's house last night to watch the state high school hockey tournament and we decided to play some Chinese Poker to see who would pay for dinner. We played 2/4 and started with 20 chips each. It was back and forth for an hour with not much movement. As soon as we started playing 2/7 TD in the middle and thats when I started picking up trips and pairs. Twice I had to play a pair in the middle. One time I had a boat down low and a trips up top. All of a sudden I was down to my last 4 chips when one massive hand took place.

We were playing regular Chinese and playing criss-cross. In my two hands I had a boat, flush and pair and in the other hand I had a boat, two pair and a pair. I ended up sweeping the whole thing for 16 points and was back to even.

So we played for 2 hours and got absolutely nowhere. We gave up and paid half each when the pizza arrived.

I am probably going to head down to Canterbury tonight to play. They have the deep stacked $150 buy-in tournament tomorrow at 10:30am which I will probably get in as long as there is room and I wake up in time.

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