Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tampa Bay Poker Part II and Bracelet Race Thoughts

On Sunday of my trip I was able to make it out to the Silks cardroom at Tampa Downs with esteemed Ante Up! co-host Scott Long. We started playing a little 2-4 limit while waiting for the OM8 table to open up some seats. I was able to chip up a little here before moving over. Once we hit the 2-4 OM8, I started well enough, making a few nice hands and getting up about 40 bucks until the deck decided not to cooperate. You must forgive me as I am trying to recall live OM8 hands from memory, which is spotty at best. First hand I have J9d-10-3 in the BB and see a free flop of Kx-Qd-3x. I check, UTG bets, 3 calls to me and I call. Turn is the lovely Ad. I lead everyone calls. Turn is another Q. Why I lead here I don't know but when everyone just calls I think I might be OK, until a guy shows AQxx, nice runner runner boat. Second hand and this one was much worse. In the SB I get A-10-9-3 and call for a half a bet. Flop comes Js-8s-6c. Not bad, I check call a bet on the flop not willing to go crazy with a FD out there. Turn is a perfect 7c, putting another FD out there but giving me second nut low and nut straight. I bet, UTG raises, UTG+1 3 bets, and I decided to cap at that point. The river is an ugly Jc. I check call a bet from UTG+1. End results. UTG+1 had A2c and was jamming the turn with nut low and a nut FD. I guess I could have slowed down on the Turn a little not having the nut low, but after seeing the play to that point I thought my A3 was more then good.

Moving on. Bracelet Races. Can anyone explain to me why there are 24+2 tournaments for a $2000 prize package? I realize this is a cheap option to get one but a 100-1 shot? Really? So for me the most viable option to grab one of these is the 200+16 on Friday and Sunday, not a cheap price tag. Now there are 69+6 and 24+2 sats into these, not bad, especially if I can secure a few of those 75 tokens. Unfortunately it doesn't look like they have the 50+5 sats like they did for the FTOPS events which had cheap sats themselves and were a good way to get in. Another option you ask? Well here is my latest and greatest thought. My alternative plan at this point is to take advantage of the 50/50 sats every night and FTP's new $T. This way for 8 and 14 bucks a pop I can try and grab 55T$ a shot. It "seems" like a good plan, but then again I am executing it so it could be doomed to fail.

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