Friday, March 28, 2008

AIPS and Riverchasers

What a fucking success last night was!

In AIPS , I played probably the best I had in a while for one of those tournys which isn't exactly saying much. I was up and down in the beginning, but then caught aces in a key spot and got a nice stack. Was playing uber tight, which was the theme on the evening. With about 55 of the original 143 left, there is a standard 3x raise from a player with about 2800 to 600. I look down at AKos OTB and decide to jam my 4000ish. First player insta-calls, insta-calls with QJh. Rivers flush. Next hand with only 1100 or so left, it folds to me in the hijack with A6d, I shove. BB insta-calls, insta-calls for 1/3 or his stack with A4c, and promptly flops a 4 then rivers a flush. I don't understand such advanced plays, but it does lead to........

Riverchasers. I do not play a lot of blogger tournaments. I am not Hoy, who can stay up til all hours winning tournaments (maybe that would help me stay up late too), go to work and entertain his two HammerGirls. I'm not that good. I have a job and I'm lazy and like sleep, but I do go in to the office at 7:30 everyday, so eff you. That being said the main reason I don't play is because most of the blonkaments start later then I intend to be awake, but I do like to play them.

Coming back from tanget. However the end result of this is that early I usually fail to adjust my game to very aggressive preflop play. As was the case last night, I did though, manage to get lucky to get key hands when I needed them. This inlcuded a sequence with about 50 or so left when I got AA, AK, AQ, AK in about the span of 7 hands. Then with about 30 left I ran into KK from the same player twice. First time I reraised all in with 1010 OTB when he raised 3x from the hijack. This left me with 1100 chips and blinds of 300-600. Somehow I win a 4 way pot with 98h and I'm starting to think the stars maybe aligned. Then the same players raises 3x in the SB and I have AQd in the BB, an obvious shove. So I do. And he has KK, again. And he flops a set, and I get recockulously lucky and turn a gutter straight. Now I think it is my night. Fastforward to the bubble, my stats are 15/7 on the night, that is nitty effing tight people. So when with 8500 chips, blinds of 1K/2K, I shove from the button with K8s, I expect to be able to take the blinds. Especially when it represents 1/3 of the BB stack. Especially when he has Q7os. But when he turns the striaght on me so I can bubble I understand the advanced play there.

So Mr. Waffles as per your question last night. I must not be a ballah with mad skllz, cause well I can't explain that play for the life of me.

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  1. Haha good game man. I do not understand the retards calls either. Mr. Waffles approves of your play.