Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Home Game

I have a pretty regular home game that started with people in my neighborhood but has evolved into a much more diverse group of poker players varying from the avid online player to the recreational player.

This past weekend saw the largest turnout for my home game yet with 19 runners. We had several new players that have indicated that they would play again. I was prepared with 3 tables just in case but we ended up needing only 2.

I started out at the 10 person table. I picked up so many suited connector hands in the first couple of rounds. I limped into more pots than I usually do because of it. I limp/called with JTs UTG+2. The flop came out T high. I check called a bet. The turn was a J. I led into the PF raiser and he let it go.

In the mean time all hell was breaking loose on the other table. Scoot was playing on that table, go figure. It seems big pots always end up happening on his table. I ended getting moved to that table after the first player busted out.

I was seated to the right of The Other Half who had won a huge 4-way pot. He had x5 and saw the flop for free: K55. I'm not sure when all the chips went in but it turned out he made quads on the river to beat out two Kx hands and AJc - who made the nut flush.

The Other Half was moved to my old table and I was left with 5 other players two of which (a married couple seated next to each other across the table from me) had been described to me as dead money. She limped in under the gun and he followed right behind her. Scoot folded and I looked down at AA.

I announced raise and threw out a pot sized bet. The husband went all in out of turn. I looked at her and she said I'm all in, too. I called and they turned over 88 for her and QQ for him. Dead. Money. I chipped up nicely. Within a few hands we were down to the final table (10).

I don't recall any other remarkable hands until we got down to the final 4 (ITM). I took out a new (and pretty serious) player when he shoved after a raise and a call - by me. The original raiser went away and I called with 77 vs. his 44. My 77 held up.

When it got to heads up I had a significant chip lead. I did dump him some chips when I hit a K on the turn and he rivered an A. The final hand was A2 v KJ, all in preflop; the board flopped me a wheel draw and the turn paired my A.

The comment was made at one point that nobody was going to want to keep playing if I kept winning (I've cashed all but once and won several times). I certainly hope that isn't true. We do have enough new players that are avid enough that I think we'll continue to have a good group of dedicated players. Many of the players have managed a cash or two along the way and I hope that's enough encouragement for them to keep coming back.

I honestly don't think I have any huge advantage or excess of skill. I think my best asset is my patience. I'm willing to fold and I don't succumb to the pressure to play too many hands or play poor quality hands.



  1. omgwtf you bitch. you already have a poker blog you dont post on.

  2. I think you are the most aggresive player at your home game from what I have seen.

    One part of the couple that you took out I would describe as dead money. She has actually won my home games of 20+ people a couple of times.

    It was a good time. Our group should be having more games once the freezing temps go away.

  3. Gordo!

    That would be awesome. I'd love to play at somebody else's house for a change.

  4. I'm hearing that Toby might host a game on Good Friday.

    Many of our weekend games aren't planned out very much in advance, which would probably make it tough for you since you have kids.

    Our group seems to be on a break since we played so much the past two years (every Tuesday).

  5. Gordo, tell Toby I would love to come if he has a game!