Sunday, March 30, 2008

AIPS and Home Game

I haven't played a whole lot online since my last post. I did play in AIPS on Thursday though. It was a pretty uneventful night for me though. I never had more than 2000 the whole time. My high point was when the blinds were around 150/300 or so and I had 1600. It was folded to me in the SB and I shoved with 10,6. The BB woke up with A,K. I hit a 10 on the river to double up to 3400 which was my highest stack of the night. The next time the BB rolled around to me it was folded to the SB who raised. I shoved with AhJh. The SB called with 9,9. I bricked out and finished 39th, 12 short of the money and the points.

After that I played in a LAPT Step 3. There was one hand in the early going where I was in the BB and there was a raise to 90. There were 3 callers and I decide to shove with 10,10. A few of the callers took their time but folded. That got me over 2000 and I coasted into a redo spot (top 3). With 4 left I got my chips in but lost so I have a redo.

As I type right now I am using my last step 1 ticket. Damn, folded QhJ, to a 6x raise in level 1. Flop Q,J,X. Oh well.

Yesterday was the home game. I started off quickly. The first game called was limit hold-em and I picked up A,A and K,K in my first three hands. They both held and I was in the black most of the day. I did fall into the red about $25 at one point where I made 2nd best hand twice in a row and then in a razz hand I called down with a 9 and lost to a wheel. Then limit hold-em came around again.

In 3 consecutive hands Scott 2 bet in front of me and I 3 bet every time. I ended up winning all three hands, the last one when I had the hammer and won with a pair of deuces. The 4th hand I had AdQd in the BB and 2 bet it. I missed and my streak was over. That little sequence got me from down $25 to up $30 though. The biggest pot of the day was yet to come though.

Someone decided to call Juarez. For those not familiar with the game it is played somewhat like Omaha. The differences are you get dealt 5 cards instead of 4 but you still have to play 2 in your hand. There are two boards dealt except the river, which is a community card used for both boards. The high and low hand split the pot. Not for each board, but overall. The big hand came when I had K,J,9,8.X. Not a great hand by any means but I decided to play. The top board rolled out J,8,X and the bottom was 9 high. There was a bet as both boards showed 2 to a low. Chances are one is going to get there. I decide to call and hope to pair my J or 8 on top. The turn hits the 8 on top and the low got there on the bottom. The betting was capped 4 ways on the turn. The only hand that can beat me is J,J, The river didn't change anything and the betting was capped 3-ways. I had the high and the other 2 had the low and I won a monster half of a pot.

I only won one other biggish pot when we were playing 2-7 when I was dealt an 8,6. i bet the whole way and was raised after the 3rd draw. I called and he showed and 8,7. After six hours I ended up $108 on the day. Not too bad.

Still in that step 1, looking bleak with 6 left. Oh well, I still have that step 3 to fall back on.

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