Monday, March 3, 2008

I'll be last for now

Welcome to my first foray into the blogosphere. I'm a terrible typist and an atrocious speller, so Snuffy thought I would be perfect for a poker blog. Here's to hoping he's right. Currently I play almost exclusively at FullTilt (ElSnarfGrande) but I do have a few precious ducats over at PokerStars (snarf2597). I guess now I'll embellish you with some of my poker history.

Well I started as one of the poker boom children of the Moneymaker age, so somewhere in late 2003-early 2004. I first started playing online at Empire Poker then moved over the Party Poker (oh how I do miss thee). For about 2 years now I've been almost exclusively at Full Tilt. I'm mostly a SNG player online. I will attempt (with some success, other at the expense of my bankroll) to satellite into many of the larger buyin MTT's. Recently I was able to satellite in and cash in my first FTOPS event. However, I have recently discovered my love for 6 handed PLO ring games with some moderate early success.

As far as live poker, I live only an hour outside of Atlantic City. So somewhere after the first foray into online poker with fake friends I ventured to the beaches of New Jersey, to play in my first live game. I try to get there at least once a month. Live, I prefer mostly to play limit which in Atlantic City translates to the Taj, the Borgata, and the Trop. These are the only casinos you find limit games higher then 2-4. I'll usually play anywhere from 3-6 to 5-10 (at the Taj, my most profitable game by far) but have been known to show some bankroll mismanagement and play the pink chip game (7.50-15 all 2.50 pink chips, get it?) at the Trop on a Friday or Saturday night.

I can only hope my next post is more interesting as I am headed to Atlantic City on Tuesday. Some of my non-fake-non-internet friends and I are going to play in WSOP Circuit Event 1 at Caesars in AC. Hopefully this will yield something of substance and not just, "I busted early on a bad beat and drank until I felt better." But that could happen too and well at least I wouldn't be at work.



  1. blogosphere may be the gayest word of all time. Glad you were able to use it.

    -Ernie Blockowitz

  2. This Blog Is Useless Without Pictures (of your spouse.)

    rowr rowr, hubba hubba!