Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A 3rd, An O-fer and Some Pwnage

Tuesday night was CHIMPS night, HOSE style. I hung around for the first 1/2 hour playing premiums hands. Collecting chips early in these limit games means virtually nothing. When you get back to hold'em for the second go around thats when it gets serious. I vowed to play only aces, kings or rolled up hands in the the Stud portion. That game just sucks ass lately for me. When we got down to two tables I picked-up a low hand in Stud8. I paired my 6 on 4th and hit trips on 5th. I check called the rest of the way because it looked like Zerb had a low. He ended up having two pair and I won a big pot to get me to around 4000 in chips.

Headed to the final table I was middle of the pack in chips. In back to back hands lost almost 3/4ths of my chips. In a big three way all in hand I had 10,10 in hold'em and it held and I was up over 4000 again. Down to 5 handed I played it fairly conservative because of the two large stacks at the table. When we got to 3 handed it was fairly even in chips. Nothing too exciting after that. I got short stacked but was able to double-up. We had just switched to Stud8 but I didn't notice the switch and thought we were still in stud. I shoved with A,Q,J and was called by Ad6d2d. Luckily my hand held but I was busted shortly after that in 3rd. Up to 2nd in points with five events to go.

The Blogger Skillz HOSE didnt go as well for me. I am now 0-3 in getting points for the BBT3. U busted in 46th out of 87. the key hand that crushed me was in Stud when I had (A,A)3. I had the bring-in and a player raised with a Jack showing. There were 4 bets in on 3rd and 4th and a couple on 5th. I never improved and my opponent improved to Jacks up on 7th. What could I have possible had there putting in so many bets? Did he think his Jacks were good?

I played a Latin America Poker Tour Step 2 this evening and was able to get up to 5000 in chips with 5 people left. I was able to abuse the mini-bubble and raised EVERY SINGLE HAND when there were two short stacks trying to hang on and get a redo at 4th. Before 5th was busted I got my stack up to 8000. After 5th busted the two remaining short stacks were knocked out fairly quickly. I have my step 3 ticket which I might hold onto for a bit. I am going to try and get another step 3 before I play one.

Its time for the Mookie in 1/2 hour. Lets see if I can get off of the 0-3 skid.

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