Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The MATH and Other Online Stuff

I am in lovely Albany, NY this week. What a great time to play online poker since there is absolutely nothing else to do here, unless you like harness racing when its 20 degrees out.

I played the MATH last night, which is part of the BBT3 Challenge. It was a $26 6-max tournament. I played fairly passive at the beginning of the 70 player tournament. I was laying down medium Aces early and was bouncing up and down around the 3000 starting stack for most of the first hour. I picked up three good hands in the first hour. I had J,J in the SB and raised it up 4x and the BB folded. I got K,K in UTG and raised it to 3.5x and had no callers. I had J,J again and raised it 3x from EP and got the BB to call. The flop came J,4,2 and I led out and the BB folded.

The end of the tournament for me came the 1st hand after the break. I picked-up 9,9 on the button. There was a 3x raise UTG and I called. The SB re-raised to 8x, UTG folded. The SB has done this two other times to me where I flat call in position only to see him re-pop and me fold. I shoved for 18x and he took a while. He eventually called with A,10 off. Maybe I did telegraph my play here. Flat call a raise and shove over a re-raise. It does smell like middle pair and he was getting odds to call if thats what he put me on. Oh, well.

I short stacked a .25/.50 NL game for $25 after that. I was on my last lap before going to bed and I picked up A,A on the button. After two limpers I raised to $2.25 and only the SB called. Something similar happend the hand before this where there were multiple limpers and the button raised to $3 and got no callers. The flop comes Q,3,2. The SB checks and I bet out $5. The SB min-raises to $10. I'm not buying this and I shove. He calls and shows 4,4. The board bricks and I double-up. One other interesting hand before I quit. I bet $3.50 into a $5 pot with A,J into a 4 club board with ace high (no flush). I got looked up by A,Q. He had no club and no pair and a bigger ace high. Nice call.

I also played a turbo PLO8 SNG with Snarf. I ended up finishing 2nd. Snarf finished 4th. It was very nitty, unlike what Snarf always tells me.

Don't forget, CHIMPS is tonight.


  1. 3 bet with AT from the SB?


    I hope he got his just desserts later on.

  2. I like to lie, it's fun.

    I don't understand how anyone can call with A10 there. I don't even hate the reraise with a big stack in a short handed event, but when you get re-popped there, what the hell are you ahead of?

  3. Why didn't you 3 bet the 99? More likely to get HU with the raiser and position on him. The SB probably folds the Cosenza in that spot.

  4. Wanted to see a flop. Wasn't planning on going crazy with the hand. It was a read based on his re-raises before that. Guess he was too dumb to fold there.

    - Snuffy