Saturday, March 8, 2008

On My Way to Busto

I went back to the Canterbury Card Club last night. I got there around 8pm and was able to get an immediate seat in a 3/6 game. I bounced up and down for around an hour and a half. I had my name on the 4/8 Omaha 8 list and was #5 on the list. My name didn't move for 1 hour and I saw they had a 6/12 Stud 8 game. A little higher than i wanted to play but how often do I get a chance to play live Stud 8. After 1/2 hour I was called to the game and won exactly $0 in the 3/6 game.

The Stud 8 game was made up of players mostly in their 50's and 60's. Five of the players were solid and the other two were nutballs. I sat with $220. In the first two hours at the table not once did I have four cards to a 7 low. Every time I completed with split aces and kings I was run down. I dusted off those chips. Then it was time to get serious. I bought in for another $300.

After I re-bought one of the nutballs went off on one hand. I was dealt split aces with a king. I completed, he two bet with an 8 showing and two of us called, the other guy with a low card. On 4th street I pick up a king for aces up. He led when he caught a jack, the other player caught another low card and called I two bet and both called. On 5th street the goofball caught another Jack. He couldn't have trip jacks as both were out. The guy with two low cards caught a brick. There was a total of four bets put in on 5th street. Unless Mr. Goofball was rolled up with 8's (which would be hard to put him on) I am ahead. On 6th street the boards read as follows:

Me (A,K)A,K,J,6
Mr Nutball: (x,x) 8,J,J,6
Low Guy: (x,x) 7,5,10,4

Nutball bet out, Low guy raised with the obvious made low, I called, Nutball 3bet, Low guy 4 bet, I called, Nutball 5bet, Low Guy called and I called.

River betting, nutball finally checked, Low guy bet, I called with the aces up and nutball called. Here is where it gets very interesting....

Nutball shows Jacks and 8's. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr low guy made the straight on 6th street with the low.
I got scooped.

That fuckin nutjob cost me so many fuckin bets because he absolutely had no idea where he was at. Once we got to 5th street I was in call mode in case he was rolled up and the low could pump it with the chance of a scoop. That hand ended up costing me, let me see....
$1 ante
$12 on 3rd
$24 on 4th
$48 on 5th
$60 on 6th
$12 on 7th

Yeah, that one hurt a but and Mr Low Guy scooped a $480ish pot.

The goofball at one point in the game had 14 rows of chips. Finally when he decided to get up and leave he had three rows left. Yeah, he sucked donkey dick. After that hand me and Mr. Low Guy discussed the hand in great detail. We agreed that I didn't think I can get away from the hand there, especially since he could not have had trip jacks and the likelihood that he was rolled up was remote considering the way he played throughout the night. Additional factors were that one of my aces and both kings were live based on the board.

The game ended up breaking when I had $169 in front of me. That was a total session loss of $351.

It was around 1:30am and I didn't feel like quitting yet. I took my money and went back to the $3/$6 game. I played like a complete lag-tard early and developed a great reputation. The best one was when I called a raise with 10s6s after I had already limped and we went to the flop 5 handed. The Flop came A,J,6. The raiser bet and I called and two others called. Before the turn came I called for a 6 and bam.... out came the 6. I lead at the pot and got one called. The river was a brick and I fired and he called. I showed the trip 6's and he fired is cards to the dealer right off of the table. Kinda funny.

I tightened up significantly but was never able to make my draws except twice. Once I held a suited jack in the blinds and made the flush in the turn. I two bet the turn and the other player in the hand called. I bet the river, he called and then showed me the king high flush. Guess I go away with the minimum there.

One other hand I limped with the Kd10d and we saw the flop six handed. The flop comes down jack high all diamonds. Bingo! I lead out and get called in one two spots. The turn brought a 4th diamond. I lead and got raised. Mother fucker!!!! How can this continue to happen! I called. A 5th diamond hit the river and I check called. He turned over the Ad9d. OK I can live with that one. At least he didn't have a ragged ace off-suit.

After a few hours I lost my buy-in and bought in for $100. One of the guys in the game, his buddy who plays 30/60 sat in and he raised every hand when it came to him. I got into two pots with him where there were 3-5 bets in on every street only to have him river me. The last one I had 10,10 and he had A,8. The A hit the river to give him two pair to bust me. I ended up leaving at 7am for an 11 hour session losing a total of $620. Not good. I did suprisingly feel pretty good after though and I think if my funds warranted I could have played another 4 hours or so.

I don't think I will be going back any time soon. I have a $40 home game on Wednesday. Hopefully that will go a little better.

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