Thursday, March 6, 2008

Limit Results

I got to the room around 7pm. They they had HoldEm from 15-30 down to 2-4 available. The only non HoldEm game they had running was a 2/4 Stud. They did have an interest list for 10/20 Omaha8 that did eventually go.

I sat down right away in a 4/8 game and bought in for $200. I won a pot early and that was about the only time I was ahead for the night. The hand that put me in near perma red for the night was KK in middle position. I raise pre-flop and get 2 callers. Flop comes low ragged cards. I bet, player to my left raises and I three bet and he calls. Turn is a 10. I bet and he calls. River is an Ace. I bet and he calls and shows A,K.

I played for the next four hours where I was down as much as $90 and up as much as $15. One rood hand I had was when we were 5 handed and there was a straddle on. I raised with K,Q with one caller behind and the straddle (Rick, we have played home games before) caps it. Flop comes 8 high and I lead out and both call. Turn is a K. I bet and get one caller. River is a blank and I bet again and get the other player to call. My hand was good and I won a nice sized pot.

The game changed texture throughout the night. In the beginning it was very Taggish. After a while three SAG's (sick Asian gamblers) came in the game and it switched to weak passive. The whole time I don't remember the game being full with 9 people. We played at the end as low as 4 handed before the game broke at 11:30p/ 4 1/2 hour session and I lost a total of $27.

I was fairly pleased that I played well right away. Remember playing limit HoldEm came back fairly quickly.

I will probably play on Friday night and possibly play the $150 tournament there on Saturday. Next week I have a home game to play at. The word from Rick is that the host of the game has a bubble hockey game. Fuck the tournament, I wanna play that.

- Snuffy

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