Friday, July 11, 2008

YAY Tilt!

I think I'm tilted but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with poker, well at least mostly. I've had the oddest outlook/attitude with poker this whole week and I really have no idea why. Let's figure out the tilt thing first. Cause tilt comes from everywhere, not just poker. Usually it has to do with work and/or home life. Not the case this time. What is tilting me then? I don't know if you want to ask that, but here you go:

1) Phillies - My effing baseball team went from locking up the division by Labor Day to in the fucking tank in 3 weeks. Somehow they are still in first place but they can't score runs or pitch with any amount of consistency. They are maddening cause they score 15 runs one game then 2 in the next four. They had a chance to bury the Mets and let them off the hook. They won there last 2 so maybe this is subsiding and the All-Star break is next week.

2) Wii Mario Kart - OK, OK. The Rainbow Road on 150cc is fucking rigged. Srsly when you are trying to beat these stupid ass boards and as soon as you get the lead the fucking purple shell of death wrecks your shit then some ass clown behind you hits you with a red shell before you can recover then your ass gets knocked off the edge, you spazz out. FUCKING RIGGED! I finally got my 1st place in this series, so maybe this will subside now too.

3) Facebook - That's right asshole, facebook has me on tilt. Shut up. Work is actually slow and I've been playing stupid word games on there and I got put in a room where everyone kicks my ass now. It sucks. I was winning and now I'ma bottom feeder donkey. Ghey.

What the fuck does this have to do with poker? I'll tell you. To quote the second best baseball movie of all time, The Natural**, "Losing is a contagious as polio.......". My point. Being beat down in these other supposed fun entertainment type activities is poisoning the well. I said in the beginning that I've had an odd attitude this week. It has been. I've wanted to play but can't seem to keep concetration. Or I am just waiting for bad beat. Or seeing the bad play of an opponent work out and letting it get to me. All that said I haven't been going on full bore monkey tilt either, it's almost resignation. This is worse. I don't think I have been playing too much, cause really I haven't been on until later in the evening every night. I've had all these other things distracting me as well. It's weird. My head is foggy and needs to get some clarity. I'm need to fix things cause I am actually looking forward to the FTOPS coming up in August. Most of these tournies don't start until 9PM EST which works well for me, so hopefully I can get into a few with maybe some nice cashes in there.

**If you want to debate the merits of The Natural vs Field of Dreams for best baseball movie ever I am up for the debate. I don't think you can go wrong with either. My dad falls into The Natural camp and I am in the Field of Dreams camp. Now if there are any of you pantiewastes out there think that Bull Durham is the best baseball movie, you've got to know one thing. It's a chickflick. Sorry buddy but it is. I like the movie, it has great lines, and some really funny shit. BUT at it's heart it's a chickflick and therefore cannot be considered ahead of the other two.

I think there was some poker in this post.


  1. Ahhhhhhhh, Kevin Costner.

    Bull Durham is definitely the best baseball movie ever.

    Pants down.


  2. Pretty sure that just proved my point.