Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tier Ones, Live Play and AIPS

Lots to go through today so I will get right into it.

If you ever play $26 tourneys on Full Tilt and you haven't hit baller status for your bankroll the Tier One two table tourneys are pure gold. I have been playing a few of them in the hopes of getting to a $75 token and then play some FTOPS satellites. So far I am running 50% (with a small sample size of 4. I hit my first one then lost in the 2nd one I played with my JJ lost to 1010 and K6. Lovely. The third one was interesting. I had A,K and shoved and a limper with A,Q called. I won that one. Next lap around the table I did the same thing and A,Q called me again. Won that one. Very next hand I get Q,Q and shove yet again. I am called by A,10. Lost that one when the A hit the turn. Guess this donkey thought I couldn't have it again. Nice read sir.

The last one I played was interesting. When we were down to 6-handed I was blinded down to being the short stack along with one other with 1600 and blinds at 150/300. 4th place had 2500 which will be important. I folded a lap and was in the BB pretty much committed with ATC. I was folded to the SB who raised to 900. I shove with Q,7 and he calls with Q,6. Huh? Raising into a short stack that is committed to the hand? I won the hand and he was knocked down to 900 and busted a couple hands later. Some of the plays these people make in satellites are just insane. I want to play another 6 of these or so before I move onto the Tier Two ones.

I got in another live session at Tampa Bay Downs. It was a new table and I bought in for the full $100 as usual. The raises in the game were a little bigger than normal, around $11. I saw a couple flops and tried a semi-bluff and bluff that failed miserably and I was down to $40 when I topped off to $100 again. Shortly after the re-buy there one one loose aggressive and a couple loose passive players. I saw the LAG raise to $15 with 42hh and get it in with the flush draw and miss a few hands earlier and he reloaded. UTG the LAG raised to $15 and a loose passive player flat called. I picked up K,K and raised to $40. Someone who just sat and bought in with $60 called (yep). The UTG LAG shoved for $78, fold, I called and the new player called. Wait for what they turned over, wait, wait.... UTG shows KJdd and new player shows Q,4 off. Flop comes 7,6,5. Now I have to fuckin sweat the rest. Turn J river 6 and my hand holds. Yes, the games are this good here. I don't even know why I get fancy and try running bluffs when they give away their chips that easily.

I got into one more hand vs the LAG when I limped with A,7ss and we saw the flop around 5 handed. Flop comes A,A,2. I lead for 10 and the LAG calls. Turn is the 2. I check, he shoves for around $40 and I call to see his J,2. River blank and I have a nice healthy stack now. Last noticeable hand was when i limped with A,9 off and called a raise to 6. Flop comes A,J,xsss and I call a $6 bet. Turn is the 9 and he checks. I check behind. River is the A for the boat. He checks and I bet pot of around $25. He says if you have the flush you win. He tables A,K. Thanks for letting me hit cheap.

After the three hour session there was one guy who got-up with $450 in front of him and another with $550. They were both in for $100. I left with $310 for a $150 profit. Pretty sure nobody else at the table made much if any. That win marked my 7th winning session in a row there playing 1/2. Overall on the year I have had 14 winning sessions and 5 losing ones for a total profit of a little over $1100. I was kinda surprised that the total was that low. I guess I wasn't thinking about a lot of the smallish wins I had early in the year.

I played AIPS today which was a $5 HA (1/2 PLHE, 1/2 PLO). There was a smallish turnout of 58 players. I almost didn't play but got home about 15 minutes before it started and signed-up. In the first level I managed to drop around 250 without even playing that much. The downward trend kept going till I was around $700 when I turned a set of Aces in PLO to get back to the starting stack of 1500. At the end of the 1st hour we were down to 41 players and I was sitting on around 1700 after being only as high as 2000.

In the second hour I saw myself down to 800 again before I was able to to double again with AAxx in PLO. I had it up to 3k when I played an interesting hand vs Gambit who had around 8k. He was on the Skype call with us and his son was distracting him in the background. It was folded to me in the SB and I raised with KKxx and he called. The flop came out 8,4,4 and I check called a 1/2 pot bet. Turn was something like a 3 and it went check check. River was a 4 and I put out a near pot sized bet and he called with 66xx. I was really shocked with the call there. I think he was really really really distracted. Shortly after that he dropped off the call and picked-up the concentration.

After the hand with Gambit I had the chip lead and held it until we were close to the money bubble of 13 players. I was able to increase the stack with some uncalled 3-bets and short stack all-ins in hold-em when i held A,K a gazillion times. On the bubble the chip leader was to my right and was abusing it badly as we had 4 stacks <4k class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_28">nd (Rant2112) was 17k. I played a big pot against rant when I bet the river when I missed the straight draw and he called me with 3rd pair. Wow. That knocked me down to 4th in chips. I was able to get a double and shortly after held the chip lead again. Rant took out 4th and Gambit in 3rd I believe and he held a slight lead going heads-up.

He was way the aggressor early on and I whittled away. I tried one move in hold-em and it failed miserable when he held top pair vs my 3rd pair. I got all the way down to a 8:1 deficit (77k vs 9k). I was able to mount a comeback and get it back to even. We moved to PLO and I fell behind 3:1. I battled back and got to within 3k of even when the last hand went down. I had A,A,3,5 single suited and raised pot from the BB and Rant called. Here was the hand:

Full Tilt Poker Game #7384812174: AIPS III Event #7 (53129691), Table 4 - 1000/2000 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 15:34:46 ET - 2008/07/26
Seat 4: scottc25 (41,845)
Seat 9: Rant2112 (45,155)
Rant2112 posts the small blind of 1,000
scottc25 posts the big blind of 2,000
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to scottc25 [3h Ah As 5h]
Rant2112 calls 1,000
scottc25 raises to 6,000
Rant2112 calls 4,000
*** FLOP *** [Td 3c 7c]
scottc25 bets 12,000
Rant2112 calls 12,000
*** TURN *** [Td 3c 7c] [7s]
scottc25 bets 23,845, and is all in
Rant2112 has 15 seconds left to act
Rant2112 calls 23,845
scottc25 shows [3h Ah As 5h]
Rant2112 shows [6h 9h 8h 5c]
*** RIVER *** [Td 3c 7c 7s] [6s]
scottc25 shows two pair, Aces and Sevens
Rant2112 shows a straight, Ten high
Rant2112 wins the pot (83,690) with a straight, Ten high
scottc25 stands up
Rant2112 stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 83,690 | Rake 0
Board: [Td 3c 7c 7s 6s]
Seat 4: scottc25 (big blind) showed [3h Ah As 5h] and lost with two pair, Aces and Sevens
Seat 9: Rant2112 (small blind) showed [6h 9h 8h 5c] and won (83,690) with a straight, Ten high

I was surprised to see what when I ran the hand at the turn through Two Dimes that I was only a 57% favorite when the money went in. Meh, so be it. I was more than happy to get my chips in there as a favorite but it didn't hold. 2nd place was good for $47 and change and no plastic produce. My second final table in three months moved me up to 9th in the standings on the year.

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