Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Poker Stars

I was reminded of the $$ I have languishing over at Poker Stars when Poker Grump mentioned an update to the PS software.  It's been quite some time since I even fired up the PS client.  Yes, there was an update (at least one) for me to install.

This evening I perused the PLHE games instead of my usual PS fare of SNGs.  The first difference between PS and FTP is the plethora of tables to choose from.  At the stakes I usually play on FTP there's rarely more than 3 tables of PHLE running - usually just one or two.

My bankroll on PS is a fraction of my roll on FTP but I'm not in the mood to approach this from the Ferguson perspective.  I build the roll up playing waaaaaaaaaaay outta my bankroll because I've never actually deposited any money on PS and always considered this expendable. 

If these games really play as juicy as they appear (and isn't that what everybody always says about PS when comparing it to FTP?) then I'll definitely be spending some time on PS.  Of course, I've been known to say that a time or two before.  PS, for whatever reason, bores me.

There, i said it.

Nothing, nowhere, no donk infested waters will ever replace FTP as my home away from home.  The software is the best.  The interface is the best.  The players, are unfortunately, the best.

Wish me luck.