Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome Back Kotter

It feels good to be home. Home as in Tampa Bay Downs. Familiar surroundings, dealers, mamagement, massage ladies, etc. My room. I just love this place. I always seem to do good in the cash games here. Plus its only five minutes from my driveway. Who could ask for anything more.

Since I last posted its been pretty up and down, mostly down. First the good. On Sunday I had a final table finish, albeit 8th place in the pokerslut tour. That was good enough to keep me in 3rd place for the season. The bad was a $100 loss at the Hard Rock Tampa. Its the 1st time I have been back since the limits changed. If I would have been fortunate enough to pick-up cards I would have done well. There was one person who literally raised 95% of his hands. When he was UTG he would throw out a dead raise. Yep, that good, and I still lost. Over the weekend I lost around $100 playing 0.25/0/50 NL heads-up online. High variance and higher rake but there is some money to be had there. I just can't afford the swings right now. I have been sticking to the $5 heads-up SNG's. So far so good.

Back to the title of the post. I was able to get back to Tampa Bay Downs for a $1/$2 NL session. Early on I limped a few marginal hands only to see them raised. By the time it got back to me after 5 people called I am priced in for the extra $5 with hands like A5dd. I whiffed every flop. I was down to around 50 when I was able to see a flop from the SB for a limp with 83. Flop X,X,3. Checked around 5 ways. Turn X checked, river 3. I lead for $7 and everyone folds.

The brutal hand of the day comes up next when I get A,K off. After one limper I raise to $12, get one caller and the limper folds. 9,7,3 flop and I lead for $15 (leaving be $30 behind) and he calls. Turn Ace. I shove for my last $30 and he calls all-in for $28 and shows the Blaz, A,J. Well he was enough a donk to win with it as the J hit the river and it was time to reload for another $100. A couple hands into the $100 someone on the table hit a 9 high straight flush holding the 86ss good for a $200 high hand bonus. About 5 minutes later this hand comes up.

I get 86ss UTG. Yep, same hand as guy who hit the straight flush. I limp UTG. There are about 3 limpers and then the SB kicks it to $10. I call along with two others. Flop comes the beautiful 7d5s4s for the flopped straight plus redraws. SB leads for $15, I call and two others call. Turn is the gin card of the 7s. Check, I check, next to act bets $15, 1 caller, fold, and I call. River is an off-suit queen. I lead for $25 and get raised to $50. Next to act goes all in for around $50 and I shove for around $62 total. Lady calls having us both covered. She turns over the 74 for the turned boat and the other guy had J10ss for the turned flush. That was quite a turn card. I won the pot along with the $200 high hand bonus.

I played for around an hour longer and didn't win another single hand. I ended up leaving with a profit of $245. It sure is good to be back home. Time to build that bankroll again.

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