Monday, July 21, 2008

Poker Free Weekend

Well mostly. I played one 7 dollar sat for FTOPS #1 and some cash on PokerStars on Friday night but that was it. Monster Baller PokerStars roll now up to 58 bucks, boooooooooooom bitches. Was planning on playing PokerSluts last night but Wii Fit > PokerSluts. Don't tell Zooks. Srsly though this is one of the coolest things the Wii has going for it even if my Wii Fit Mii is a fat ugly slob.

Back to poker. FTOPS is coming around the corner and I'm hoping to make a few of these events. Since I am not 22 years old with no other priorities then satelliting into FTOPS events I will have to pick and choose which I want to play. I definately want to make for Event 1 which will probably have one of the largest and softest fields going. Event 8 (6 max KO) and Event 24 (full KO) should be nice ones to get into as well. Other then those I will probably just shoot for the ME. I'm sitting on a few Tier II tokens, so if there is a last minute event the I want to get into then I may use them. My main plan of attack is to get into as many of the 50+5 sats. These things have been very soft in the past and with 1-4+ getting a seat (depending on the buyin of the event obv) it's a great way to get in. I will probably even plan in some that I don't want to play the event just to rack up some $T. So you should see me playing alot of 7 and 8 dollar supersats for these, hopefully it will work out with a nice cash like last time, maybe even better.

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  1. Why you cheating bastid.

    Course I was sleeping so what do I care.