Friday, July 18, 2008

Why you shouldn't final table the WSOP ME

If you haven't been there yet or are unfamiliar with, go to Dr. Pauly now and catch yourself up on the Tiffany Michelle story. That is if you care or are mildly interested. I'm trying to decide that for myself at this point. I don't know why this story should even register on my radar since it reads like a bad soap opera and covers a part of the game that we all know is out there but really don't want to/will never have to deal with.

Reading all this makes me think of The Partner by John Grisham. If you are not familiar, guy steals lots of money, makes perfect contingency plan for getting caught, and the broad fucks him over in the end. From reading the statements from Tony G's blog, posted on Dr. Pauly, it sure sounds like he knew what could potentially happen (a media and online poker site frenzy to sign/endorse a hot chick left in the field), took some measures to prevent it (loosely worded contract), but in the end the hot chick takes money and says, "What did I do wrong? I played by all the same rules, my lawyers said so".

This story has nothing to do with lawyers and contracts and exclusive deals, then it does with the fact that with all the money on the line, everyone is looking to fuck everyone else over. In the end, is this any different then the way Elton Brand completely ass fucked over the Clippers to sign with the 76ers? Except it doesn't involve a cheating shady ass online poker site and a hot chick. Facts is facts, and when there are millions of dollars on the line, everyone is looking to get theirs.

In the end I don't really know how to think of any of these people that are involved. Reason being, I have no idea what their intentions were from the start. Did Tony G really put Tiffany Michelle in the ME because he wanted to give her a shot or that he saw the potention dollar signs if she made a deep run? Did Tiffany really 'hit it off' with Lisandro or did she just shamelessly flaunt her sex to try and get into the ME? Knowing the entire time that she could jump ship from PokerNews whenever she wanted, having seen this play out before. As with anything, I find it hard to believe that any or all of the parties are innocent.

Without knowing anyone involved or their intentions here's my take. Tiffany wants to play in the ME, because well who doesn't. She tries to get the backing from Tony G but he knows she can barely play a lick (and after reading PokerNews updates this doesn't sound far fetched) and doesn't want to outlay that kind of money. She then proceeds to 'hit it off' with Lisandro (aka well you know) and convinces him that she should play. Tony sees that he can hit the big payday if she goes far while offloading some of the cost so he agrees. She goes deep, unscroupulous agent gets in her ear, convinces her that she can make things much better for her. She gets stressed, listens, fucks over everyone at PokerNews, and then says "my lawyers said I did nothing wrong." How it ends? She signed with a piece of shit online site, can't play that well, and screwed over her employer equating to out of work and out of poker in 6 months. It's too bad this story couldn't have a better ending.

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