Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sluts, FTP Points Sat

Don't forget, CHIMPS is tonight. I know, kinda late to post.

On Sunday I reluctantly signed-up for the Poker Slut Tour. It was Stud this week. Its probably by least favorite game by far but I always play it fairly well. A tough conundrum. I chipped down to 1200 before someone at my table decided to get their last 400 in with a 10 showing and air below vs my split jacks. That kicked me back to 1600 and I played fairly tight from there.

I was proud of one read that I had. I had a Jack showing and BlindGuy was the bring-in. It was folded to me and I completed and he called. I hit nothing on 4th and lead again. He raised and I immediately know this was an information raise to see if his pair was good. I put in the 3rd bet and he folded. Good read me.

When we got to the final table I was the short stack with 1000 in chips. I then was able to pull rolled-up Queens. A king completed and I called, an ace 2bet, K 3bet, I called, A 4bet call call. On the turn I got an Ace. Ace led, K 2bet, I 3bet, A caps, call call. On 5th the K was all-in for the last bet and so was I. My set held and I more than tripled up to 3400. I didn't make much from there however. I made two pair on 4th and was called by Zerb. He hit the obvious flush card on 6th and I still lead out. He raised me on 7th and I paid him off. Down to 1300 I made a double-up or two but eventually busted in 6th.

Monday night I decided to play a 500 frequent player point satellite to the $750k satellite (2500 point direct entry). There were 96 runners for 19 seats. I worked my stack early to 2000 when I picked-up A,K in the BB with 5 limpers. I decided to check and see the 7,8,9 flop and folded. Two hands later on the button I get A,K again and this time its 4 limpers. I decided to ship it this time and got a call from a 1k stack with A,Q. That got me to 3k and I was in decent shape.

I decided to play uber tight and wait for premium hands, till I got 10,10 and limped. There was a 4x raise and I called. Flop comes KKx. Check check. Turn was a 9. I lead for 1/2 the pot and was called. River blank and I check called a 1/3 pot bet only to see J.J. Back down to 1500. I was moved to the chip leaders table who had 10k and its still early. I limp UTG +1 with A,J and he raises 6x and I fold. Next hand I get Q,Q and want to set the trap. I limp, CL raises 6x again. I shove and he calls with 3,3. My hand holds and I am back to 3k again.

The next interesting hand happens with around 45 left. UTG limps for 80 and I call from the SB with 4,4. BB checks and we see a flop of 7,4,3dd. I lead out, next player raises, next calls, I shove, call and call. The classic hands are revealed K,10dd and A,7. The A hits the turn but the river bricks and I am up to 7300.

After that I think I won two pots and that's it. With 32 left I was 3rd in chips. The guy who doubled me was the CL with 16k, 2nd was 12k and me with a little over 7k. I folded my way to the seat after that. I unregistered and took the 2500 FPP's. Interesting note, the CL with 32 left ended up busting out in 28th. How the fuck does that happen?

I have played two Tier Ones so far tonight. In the first one early on I had J,J and limped. There was a raise, call, call and I shoved. All 3 called. Hands were A,K 10,10 and K,6 (short stack). I ended up in 2nd place when the 10 hit the flop and I busted in 15th. The second one I won exactly one pot before the final table. I picked-up A,A and K,K with no action but was able to win a token.

Getting ready for CHIMPS now, fuckin' Stud again. Might play Blogger Skills too since its Stud8 tonight.

ESPN WSOP coverage starts in a few.

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