Thursday, July 3, 2008

Still Going Strong

I three tabled a little on Cake today. Wow is the play just horrid there. Playing 0.1/0.2 I raised to 0.7 with 9,9 in EP. There wa a raise to $1.55 and a shove for $12 before it got back to me and I folded. What did they show? A,K and K,10. K,10? WTF! Yeah, the flop came 9,4,4.

I got in another live session at Tampa Bay Downs. The table I was seated at was fairly soft. The same kid that was in the game from a few days ago was there. He lost a lot of money with top pair no kicker last time. Today was the same thing. I limped a few pots early. There wasn't much raising pre in the beginning. I think I flopped a straight draw 3 times in the first two laps but missed everything.

On one hand I limped with 65cc in MP and a LP player raised to $10. Earlier in the session I saw him shove for $40 with 4,4. I called along with one other limper and we saw the flop of 10,7,6hh. I checked and he bet $10 and I called. The turn was the 3h. I figured I could represent the hearts here and I lead for $20. After some thought he called. The river paired the 10. He had about $30 left and I decided to lead for $25. He shows the AK with the Kh and mucks. Who knew, I was bluffing with the best hand.

I picked up KK a short time later and raised to $10 with no callers. Shortly after that I get QQ and raise to $10. Mr. 44 ends up shoving for $61. I have an easy call in this spot I think. Based on how he was betting he easily could have a lower PP or A,K. I called and he showed me AA. Flop comes rags with two clubs. He has the Ac. Turn another club. I'm now drawing to one out. Well, it hit. Gotta love it when the old 2% gets there. That one sent him off of the deep end. He bitched for 15 minutes straight. Not at me but just at his luck in general. He then says how he can beat everyone in a pot at the table except me. Perfect. I took that to my advantage and was able to take a couple small pots off of him light.

Only other real hand of note is when I had J,J in middle position. I just decide to limp and we see the flop 8 ways (no that's not a misprint). Flop is 9,6,5dd. Checked to me and I lead for $20. Folded to the short stack kid who was spewing money and he went all-in for $18. Everyone else folded. He shows the Kd10d. The interesting Jd hits the turn. I get out "pair the" when the 6 hits the river.

That was about it. I ended up with $260 in front of me at the end of the session for a $160 profit. Not bad, a little over $400 the last two sessions totaling around 4 hours.

Might play Riverchasers tonight with Snarf.


  1. Finally opened a Cake account, huh? You should try the PLO8 tables...

  2. I have played a little PLO8 on the site. Sometimes you can find that random player willing to go all-in pre with A,2,8,10 rainbow.