Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Live NL

I made sure to get there early so I could get a seat. The table was a good one. I recognized a few of the players and quickly found three soft spots at the table. One older guy was waiting for a seat in the 2/5 game. I saw him raise pre-flop to 15 with one caller behind. I dumped my A10hh from the BB. He ended up showing down Q,J off. I was able to take one pot off of him when i called a $10 raise with 6,4 off. Flop comes Q,J,x with two spades and I check called his $10 bet. The 6s hit the turn and I thought this was a great spot to check raise. He bet $10 again and I check raised him to $25. He thought for about 20 seconds and then called. I am guessing a high spade was in his hand. The river was an off-suit 4 giving me two pair and I lead for $30 and he insta-mucked.

There was one guy at the table that would limp with anything and then bet $10 every street with 3rd and 4th pair. When I hit top pair on him I would just check call all the way down. He would never put anyone to the test on the end with something like a $30 bet. I was able to take 2-3 pots off of him using the check call line. I slowly built my stack up to around $180 from the starting $100 when the only really notable hand came up. I had A6hh from MP and limped. Around 5-6 to the flop of A,6,6ss. The same guy lead for $10, I called and one other called. The turn was a J. He leads for $5 and I bump it to $15. Call behind and he calls. River is an off-suit K missing the flushes. He checks, I bet $30 and get a caller and the other guy folds. I show and he mucks and I win a decent sized pot.

After that it was winning a lot of small to medium sized pots. I tightened my range a little on the day. Every junk hand that I folded seemed to hit though. 4,2 would hit two pair, 7-4 flops the straight, 8,6 hits trips. The one time I decided to play J,7dd I see a flop of K,J,7. There was a bet, call and a shove of $25. I fold and one person calls. Turn is the J. Damn it. Top top ended up winning the hand. After the three hour session I got up with $351 in front of me for a very profitable $251.

Not sure if I will get to play live again till Gambit's home game on Friday night. Most likely will play Riverchasers online tonight.

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