Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home Game Report

Early in the week I got an email from Tucker inviting me to his home game.  I've played it before and it was a lot of fun.  Mostly the usual characters mixed in with a few players I haven't seen before.

Last night was no different.

I had a woman on my right that was utterly, hopelessly CLUELESS.  She actually called down with K high and was wondering if she made a back call.  Honey, you made a whole series of bad calls.

She outran my TPTK when she called bets on every street and rivered a higher pair on me AND THEN CHECKED IT WHEN SHE HIT IT.  Thankfully I checked behind and lost as little as possible.

Mike, an experienced player, was sitting across from me.  We exchanged numerous "Can you believe how bad she is" looks over the course of the evening.  Incredibly she made it to the final table with me; I was stuck with her on my right again but this time I managed to take her few remaining chips with KK utg v her Arag in the BB when she just called my raise leaving 75 chips behind and I put her all blind.  I did hit top set on the flop but she had a chance to suckout a straight but, alas, EPIC FAIL.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I spewed chips with my TPTK versus Ms. Horrible.  Then I picked up AJ in late position after a couple of limpers.  I raised it up and get called my Mike.  Flop comes AKx.  Mike checks to me and I fire out my usual 1/2 pot continuation bet; Mike takes the opportunity to check raise my ass.  Rut row.  Now, I know Mike likes to play small ball and limps a lot of pots but I just don't see him limping AK or AQ here.  My only worry was him hitting a small set but more than likely he's just trying to see if I really hit this board.  Without really checking my chipstack I said all in.  Turns out that was only a few more chips than his raise.  I was sure I was ahead by the way he wasn't happy to call those few extra chips but was concerned that he had some draw.  Turns out he was making a move with J9 and was drawing dead on the turn.  Woooot!

Mike did manage to make a miracle comeback winning 4/5 hands - once with KK that almost tripled him up.   He played his shortstack masterfully.

By the time we get down to six players we're all playing tight and not seeing many flops.  Mike decides to shove his short stack in with Arag and I find JJ OTB.  I just called his all in knowing the two guys behind me are tight and wouldn't get involved unless they had a HUGE hand.  My JJ holds up and I knock Mike out.

During the play Mike started prop betting with me for $2 and $1 a shot.  Things like, let's run it for $2 after he folds a hand to my raise.  I said sure and my hand held up twice, +$4.  Next it would be, I bet the bottom two cards of the deck beat your hand.  I won, +$6.  The first burn card would be less than a 7, I lose - down to +$5.  Pretty soon the props started to get really complicated and I had to turn a few down mostly because this tired old woman couldn't think well enough to figured out if it was a good offer or not.  In the end I was freerolling the tournament because I won my buyin from Mike's prop bets.  Sure made for a fun final table.

Ok, back to the tournament, we're down to the money bubble now;  top 4 get paid with 4th getting their $10 buyin back.  I don't remember how the bubble bitch went out but after he was gone we were left with the T Boys (Tucker, Toby and Tim) and me!

Toby and I had the majority of the chips while Tim and Tucker were the short stacks.  Tim ends up moving in UTG and Toby makes the pot odds call from the BB with two baby spades.  His spades flopped a flush draw and turned the flush v Tim's AJ.  Nice suckout.  GG Tim.

Tucker moves in next from UTG and I look down to see K7sooooooooted in the BB and I call only to see him flip over K8, d'oh.  Luck was with me though and I flopped a seven and rivered a K.  Oops.  Luck was definitely with the big stacks.  GG Tucker.

Toby and I did a chip count:

Toby 10,400
Zooks 10,600

We did an even chop of 1st and 2nd!  Woooooooot!


  1. The guy's name you are referring to is Matt, not Mike. :-)

    Was a fun tourney. I don't feel like I played all that well. Was short stacked much of the night and was happy to even place. :-)

    Anyway, GG, Zooks!

  2. Yeah, I knew he was Matt but Mike kept coming out and I forgot to go back and change it. I actually had that on my list of edits to do but just never got around to it.

    I already apologized to him. D'oh.

    It sucks getting old.