Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wheeling Island

I was able to play a quick session at Wheeling Island in West Virginia last night. They have around a dozen tables in the room. It is in a separate room away from the casino floor and down an escalator. I arrived at the room around 6pm and there were six tables going, four 1/2NL ($200 max) tables and two 2/4 LHE tables. They had a sign saying the featured game on Wednesday was 2/5 Omadraw 8. IT starts around 1pm but it was non-existent when I was there. There was a waiting list of two people to play 2/5, which never went. I was #3 on the 1/2 list and got a seat within 15 minutes.

I bought in for the full $200. It took less than a lap to pick out the 2-3 people you wanted to play pots with. I picked-up around 6 flush/straight draws on small raise pots or limped pots and missed every single time. I was down to $85 when I had my only winning hand of the session. I had 10,3ss in EP and limped (why not). We took the flop 5 handed and it came A,Q,Xss. Checked to me and I lead with my flush draw for $10 and got one caller. The turn was the As. I lead for $15 and he called again. With $58 behind the river was a brick and I lead for $30. The other player put me all-in and I called. He rolled the A,J and my hand was good. After that hand I Had around $170. I played another lap and got up with $165 in front of me for a $35 loss.

Overall not a bad room. When the highest game is 1/2 you get a very interesting mix of players. Some really good because that's as high as it gets and some really bad noobs. After I ate dinner I didn't feel like playing only an hour I sat at Pai Gow. I ended up losing around $40 there. I got up and went to the 4 card poker table where I had a killing at in Niagara Falls. My good fortune continued and I pulled nearly even thanks to a set of kings hand. After that I moved to Caribbean Stud and sat there till I showed a profit on the night and walked away with a whole $7 profit. Woot!!!!!!!

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