Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Live and Online

I went to the track a couple days ago and arrived as the last 1/2 seat was being taken. Against my better judgment I sat in the 2/4 limit game before the $45 tournament started. I lasted a total of a lap and a half before I was too frustrated to continue. One guy was too interested in betting the horses. He held up EVERY...SINGLE...HAND. One guy was talking on the phone so his hand was killed multiple times. He decided to get up when it was his BB and said to pass. Then when the cards passed him he throws $2 in when his card was already looked at. Bring em and and start over. Now on to the hands. In the lap in a half I limped with pocket pairs 3 times and a suited ace once. I raised with KQhh UTG +2 and got 6 callers to a 7,7,2 flop. Fold. UTG I raised with KK and got 3 callers. Flop A,x,x. Fold. I ended up losing around $30 and got the fuck outta there.

In the tournament you get 4k in chips and 15 minutes levels. I won zero hands the first 50 minutes and was blinded down to 2600. At 150/300 I called a raise to 700 with 5,5. Even that is highly questionable but I wanted to double or get the hell out. Flop comes J,5,3. I call a 700 3-bet leaving me with 900 lolz. Turn is a 7. He checks and I shove. He calls with 4.4. NH sir. Going into the first hand after the break at 200/400 I have 5400 and its folded to me in the SB. I shipped ATC which happened to be 10,2. The BB woke up with A,J and I didn't improve and busted out.

They were about to start a $110 6-max SNG. I signed-up. I was the 2nd person eliminated when I limp shoved A,K UTG and faced Q,Q and did not improve. All told a $195 loss. Why didn't I just wait for a $1/$2 seat anyway?????????

Tuesday night as always is the big online night for me with the CHIMPS/Corporation Series, The Booze Cruise and Blogger Skillz. For the CHIMPS/Corp. it was every one's game to hate, Razz. We had 15 runners which is actually up from the last couple of weeks. I ended up busting in 6th in a very uneventful tourney for me. Nothing exciting at all. By bustout hand was against mrsloser64 when I had a 6 low draw on 5th against a made 9 and did not improve. The Booze cruise was an interesting one. There were only 8 runners. I busted in 7th in the first level with this winner hand:

I have AKdd UTG +1 and call a pot sized bet. Another player re-pots. Original raiser re-re-pots. I ship it in and both get it in as well before the flop. Original raiser has K,K. Other player has the magical Q,8. Huh? I probably don't need to tell you the flop came down A,Q,8. The board didn't pair for me and I was out in 7th. NH, GG, MF, FU.

Blogger Skillz went a little better for me. There were 16 runners with the top 3 getting paid. Snarf played as well and was bounced in 14th or 15th, can't remember. When he was out I was short stack with around 1200. I was able to get a near double-up in Stud to 2000 and get back in contention. I was able to get it back to 3300 when we sat for the final table. In stud again I picked-up the hand of the tourney for me. I had rolled-up 3's and had the bring-in. There was a completion. a call and I called. On 4th street I think I picked-up a Jack and called a bet and we were still three ways. I picked-up a 10 on 5th street and that's when I threw in the raise and didn't lose anyone. I boated with a 10 on the turn and both of the other players got their stacks in with two pair. Neither hit the higher boat and I was sitting on over 9k. After that I didn't get much. The short stacks busted and when we got down to 4 handed I was the shortie. I battled back to 2nd or 3rd in chips only to find myself folding for around 10 minutes straight to be back on the bottom and eventually busting in 4th on the bubble. One thing I noticed in the game was how bad people played Stud8.

Later tonight or tomorrow morning I will write-up my latest 1/2 session. My twitter on it says it all. It was a good session.

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