Saturday, July 12, 2008

Win Some, Lose Some

I took my last $24 token and played a Turbo Tier 2 sng with it.  My plan was to try to win the 3rd place $ instead of the token becuase my conversion rate for the $75 tokens is abysmal.

It looked like I wasn't going to get anywhere as I was absurdly card dead.  However, the players around me were more than happy to donk it up while I watched.  We lost the first player only a few hands in.

As I folded my way into a horrible place, I thought I could get somewhere if only I could double up.  I ended up shoving it in with K9d v an UTG raiser. 

Reader viewers can click through to see hand replayer.  Boy did I get lucky!

Marco decided to get jiggy with it:

Poor Marco.  Click through to see Marco in all his glory.

I just made the money.  Did I mention I love Marco?

Remember, my whole goal was to get the $.  Well apparently I wasn't the only one.

SWITCH OFF: i want 3rd 

Well, crap.  I tried to lose that.  I really did.

gadzooks64: actually I wanted third

Ok, I laid it out there for him.  I want third.  I said it.  Maybe he didn't believe me. 

Winna, winna!  He he he.

Later in the evening I decided to play a $75 Token Frenzy. 

Why?  You ask.

Cause I'm a retard.

gadzooks1995: btw, I'm a retard
thesnarf10: i don't doubt your retardedness
I had no business playing this.  I really had no use for a $75 token.  The frenzies have been easy for me; I pretty much get a token at will.  Or, well, I did for a long time there.  Lately, not so much.

As Snarf watched on, I was so card friggin dead.  I finally got some pairs and shoved with them to get back to starting chip stack when this hand came up. 

If you haven't clicked through to see any of the hands so far, trust me, click through now. 

I run gooooooooooot.

Still, I'm ahead overall.  I just keep saying that over and over and over ....

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