Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Weekend

Do you believe in karma? Call it karma, superstition or whatever, I think everyone believes in it. Play good one day, keep the same routine the next, etc. After running bad on Full Tilt for an extended period (read: playing bad) I decided to take some Full Tilt points and order the license plate frame and mousepad thinking that Full Tilt will turn on the boomswitch for me since I am pimping their product. They were also nice enough to send me the metal license plate holder instead of the plastic one that I actually ordered.

After my profitable live session and my 2nd place finish in AIPS I played the Pokerslut Tour heads-up tourney Sunday night. The FTP boomswitch is still on. I haven't had the greatest results in heads-up tournaments. I am a career 0-2 in CHIMPS and 0-1 in Riverchasers. Mu first match vs Wisconsin Lefty I was able to get a quick 2:1 lead when I turned the nut flush for a decent pot. Two hands later I got it all-in on the flop with a flush draw and two overs. It ended up being only one over as he had and overpair. I hit and 4 minutes into the match I advanced to the quarters.

My quarter-final match was against Mrs Slys Money. Again I was able to get out to a slight chip lead. It stayed around the 1700/1300 mark for most of the first level. Near the end of level 2 I had an 1800/1200 lead when the last hand came down. I raised 3x to 90 with the lovely 9,6 off. Flop came 6,6,Q and I lead for 120 and was called. Turn was a 7 and I lead for 250. Sly moved all-in for 970 and I called to see A,K having him drawing dead.

In the semi-finals I finally played someone who I knew how he played, predator06. I commented that this might be the fastest match in history. About 5 hands in I lost almost half my stack when I had to fold my double gutter on the turn to a shove. After that hand I had to adjust what I was going to do and I started limping and try and play smaller pots and wait for a hand. About a dozen hands later that plan went out the window when I raised to 60 with A,8 and predator shoved. I said eff it and called. He showed the 6,6. I spiked the 8 on the river to take a slight chip lead. We traded chips back and forth for around 25 hands or so when I flopped bottom two on a Q,9,7 board and we got it all in. He had 9,8 and I was able to eliminate him to advance to the finals.

In the finals I drew another player I was not familiar with, Rabid Llama. I picked-up A,5 on the first hand and called a raise to 60. Flop comes A,6,5. He leads and I raise and he calls. Turn is the 7 and we get it all-in. He ends up having A,5 as well. About a half-dozen hands in I built up and 1800/1200 lead which I held for quite a while before getting it up to 2000/1000. One interesting hand came up when I had the 2:1 lead. I raised 3x to 60 with the A,10 off and eventually folded to the shove. I had a good hand here but holding the lead I thought I could dump it here and find a better spot. I started to wonder if I should have called when my lead dwindled to 1800/1200 over the next 15 hands or so before I was able to find the spot I was looking for to end it. I completed to 30 with the 103hh and Rabid checked. Flop came 7,6,5hh. I checked, Rabid min-bet and I raised to 150 and he called. The turn was the Ah giving me the flush. I checked and Rabid checked behind. I was hoping for the straight to some in on the river which it did with the 4c, I lead for his stack of 1005 and he called with the straight and it was over good for around $34.

Don't forget about CHIMPS tonight!

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