Monday, July 7, 2008

Fairly Quiet Weekend

This was a pretty quiet weekend for me on the poker front. Really tried to take some time to relaxe but did get a little play in here and there. Thursday night saw my Riverchasers money streak come to an abrupt halt. Only 8 people showed up for the pre-holiday weekend festivites and one wasn't there. So with 8 people (only really 7) and three making the money, you would think it would not be hard to cash. Well unless Full Tilt gives you one of the most ricockulous setups in the history of poker. What is is you ask? Only AA vs KK vs QQ all in preflop. 7 handed. Thank you Full Tilt. I didn't have the AA if you didn't guess.

On Friday afternoon I went to play what I thought was a shootout. Well it was, just a HU shootout. Can we decide now that this is assinine of FullTilt to classify the HU tournies this way? I think it's just an excuse to make more little letters and numbers show up next to the tourny ID to give some jackoff his jollies. At any rate, of course I win my first 3 matches to get to bubble, 64 left 32 get paid. I had the 2-1 chip lead in the 4th match when he limped with JJ and I of course make top pair and pay him off. Then after playing like a tighty nit the whole time he calls my push with 99 for half his stack with A10 and I don't win the race I need. I know, I know I woulda called with A10 there too but it still sucked.

Don't think I played at all on Saturday. Or at least nothing of significance. Sunday afternoon though I was able to play a little full ring PLHE. And finally I was the one able to take the money from the idiot. I hate when you find the moron at the table only to have him stack off to someone else before you can get his money. The best part about Sunday was I kept winning off him but no completely busting him. He would then go and win a bunch back and I would take that from him, lather rinse, repeat. Turned my 30 that I bought in with into 75 and then left at a .25/.50 table. So that was the highlight. Lost a few SNG's later in the evening. Spewed 10 bucks at a .05/.10 PLHE table for no good reason and called it a night.

CHIMPS tuesday.

RiverFuckers Thursday.


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