Monday, July 28, 2008

Freeroll Sunday

The RakeTheRake freeroll is usually the last Sunday of every month and sure enough I got the confirmation email a few days before.  I registered as soon as I got the email but by then I was also registered for the Full Tilt Poker Fantasy WSOP Freeroll.

I had managed to donk my way into the top 10 of one of the Fantasy Freerolls which qualified me for the WSOP Main Event 2009 freeroll - a winner takes all event.

Oddly enough, my starting table had only 2 dead stacks and one came to life not long after the event started.  After a while, I was moved to another table.  As the first break approached people started to give up playing; my table was down to 3 live players by the break.  Oh, joy.

The most painful part about playing freerolls is the wait for all the dead stacks to go away so you finally get to play a full table.  It's really most unusual to start a tournament playing short handed then get to full tables and back down to short handed at the later stages.  Freerolls are definitely a beast unto themselves.

As per my usual, I was sucked out on to bust out of the RTR freeroll.  Nothing new there.

In the mean time I was doing quite well in the WSOP freeroll.  I had briefly entertained the idea of donking it up at first to build a decent stack in order to go deep.  Briefly.  Somebody else, however, didn't stop there.  This person started monkey shoving his stack in from the very first hand.

Oh joy.

I wake up with 99 and decide to gambol with him.  My hand held up v his ATo and I was off to the races.  I was in the top 20, sometimes top 5, on and off most of the tournament.

Granted I lucked my way into several glorious suckouts. (Reader viewers might as well click through now because this post is loaded with flash hand replays.)

Uh, oops.  This guy was playing damn near every hand so I suppose I shouldn't have been shocked that he had a what he had.  GG me for sucking out.

Blaz would be so proud of this next hand.

I enter full donk mode.

Another life down.

Time for a suckout. I misclicked and min raised when I meant to shove.  D'oh.

This guy made some horrible calls at the end.  He was calling all ins with Arag and getting pissed when he was totally dominated each time. 

Time for another suckout of epic proportions.

Woooooot.  Nice stack!

This guy had been raising our blinds EVERY CHANCE HE GOT.  I finally woke up with a hand I would fight back but apparently so did the small blind.  Another life down.

A few hands later this happens.

I went out 19/584.  Realistically I should have been gone ages ago so I can't complain at all.


  1. ELM played the Rake the Rake freeroll and cashed in for $50-70 some odd dollars...getting old, memory not what it once was. Now what was I saying...?

  2. Woooooooooooot!

    Way to go ELM!

    I've cashed in a couple of the RTR freerolls. They are a huge pain in the butt to play because of all the dead stacks.