Thursday, July 24, 2008


Got an email in my inbox this morning from the lovely people at Trump, more specifically Trump Plaza. It seems that Atlantic city has now fallen victim to these monstrosities.

I don't know if I am for or against them at this point but I'm really leaning towards against. If I wanted to play online poker I'll sit in my underware watching porn and do so from the comfort of my living room. I don't need to drive an hour to AC to do that. However, I can see these things driving more fishies to the table. It's easier to feel more comfortable when all you have to do is push buttons and not talk to anyone. But half the fun of live poker is stacking big pots, which is why I like playin 4/8 with all dollar chips or the Pink Chip Game (7.50/15 with all 2.50 chips) at the Trop. There's nothing like a 3 puch pot gettin shoved your way.

Not sure when I will get there to check these out but I scribble some thoughts on it when I can. Maybe if the Snuff-in-ator makes the trip in October we can make it over there. Trump Plaza is not on my normal play lists nor is it really near any place that I normally play, but I shall do my best in the interest of research.

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  1. OMG! Sly loves those things!

    I can't wait to play cheap NL on one.

    The new Horseshoe Casino near Chicago is supposed to have two of these. I can't wait until the next Chicagopalooza.