Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Game and MATH Results

Friday night was Gambit's home game. It did not go well for me. I dropped my first buy-in with no exciting hands. In the second buy-in I ran the 2nd nuts vs the nuts in PLO8 vs gambit and I lost a $100 plus pot. On the THIRD buy-in it got a little better. Playing Badugi I picked up a 7 and a 5 which isn't too shabby. I also picked up a wheel in 2-7 TD. I made a late rally and ended up down $50 for the night after nearly six hours of poker.

I ventured back online last night playing the MATH. It was the first time playing online since I had a horrid exit in 16th out of 283 in a $5 tourney. I had K,K on a flop of Q,9,x and got someone to stick their whole stack in with 10,9. Turn 9, fuck you Full Tilt. Since I was not feeling the love for Full Tilt I decided to use my frequent player points and order a license plate holder and a mouse pad. I figured this would give me good karma.

I played a $8.70 2 table token SNG and ended up winning it by getting one double-up, winning the blinds once and shoving SB into the BB with ATC. Easy enough. I took the token and signed up for the MATH. There were 17 runners in the double shootout format so we had 3 tables of 6,6 and 5. I drew the 5 handed table. I actually only recognized one person at my table while Snarf had everyone over at his. This was a marathon. I chipped-up nicely and we lost a player fairly quickly. Moving on to when we get heads-up I had around a 2:1 lead. That fell and I was behind by about the same amount but managed to get it almost back to even again. The big hand was when I called a raise with 10,9 and saw the flop roll out Q,J,8. I was up against Q,10 and I crippled him down to 1k in chips. It didn't go so quick as he doubled up twice. Finally after around 1/2 hour of heads-up play (or it seemed like that) I advanced to the final table. Snarf made it past his tough starting table and we were 3 handed with only 1st - 2nd getting paid. We cut a deal right away to get 3rd $60. 1st was paying $210 then and 2nd around $100. We played for around 1/2 hour and we were back to the same starting stacks. We decided to do a 3-way chop and end it. We each took $136 each.

Don't forget CHIMPS is tonight. Three separate $3 NLHE tournaments starting at 21:00, 21:15 and 21:30 on Full Tilt. Password is always anteup. Good luck!

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