Thursday, April 23, 2009

You know you run goot when......

Even Full Tilt wants you to win the April player of the month race. Ok, ok. A little bitter maybe. Yes, I needed to essentially win or come in second in the Mookie last night to get withing shouting distance of TJ for the April leaderboard. Yes, I was in second but ran KK into AA, but still a dececnt stack with 7 left. Yes, DrPauly was crushing everyone and it was only a matter of time until he got me. BUT DAMMIT, WTF!

I take out TJ in a "coin flip" except I uber suck out on his ass on the river when he turns the straight and I river the gutter, also give him trips. Then Shabazz goes out on the FT bubble and I am the only April top of the leaderboard guy left. And then this shit happens. I knew that after winning 150% of my races last night (yes legitimate ones, 77 vs KJ, 77 vs Q9, AQ vs 99.....) something bad would happen. Silly me I thought it was running into AA with KK, NOT THE FUCKING FULL TILT SERVER TAKING A GIANT DUMP ON MY FUCKING CHEST**

I have no idea what happens with the points for this thing and I am damn glad I don't have to figure it out. Whatever Al comes up with is fine by me, it's an awful spot to be in. It was obviously a long shot to leap frog 3 peeps and get ahead for the month but at least it could have gotten interesting next week. FTP server crash tilt sucks. Is this all a conspriacy by Hoy so he can be Mookie champion for another week? The plot thickens.....

**I am not into anyone taking a dump on my chest, if that's your thing so be it. I's sure the Cleveland Steamer Association of America will help you find a suitable partner.


  1. I was playing the 28k and just went from 5k to 40k in 2 hands when Tilt crashed. I was sittin 23rd w/140 or so left. I ended up getting between 9th and 10th place payout so I can't complain too much. Considering you were playing for a TOC seat, I would think that they would try to get chip counts and replay from that point on. I'm not sure if it is fair to award it to the chip leader at the time.