Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Da Monies

I finally made some last night. Started with a nice run in Skillz, then settled down and like all limit tournaments on FTP (or any site for that matter) by the middle of the second hour, every pot held grave consequences. This really takes a toll on you. I of course mde a few mistakes but was able to make up for them in desperation time. Just holding on in a few hands to get me back to workable? stacks. I honestly can not explain my mental state when 7 handed, at the money bubble, I was the short stack. If this ended up being my 4th on or near bubble in the last 6 tournaments, I honestly think I would have had a complete meltdown. Somehow I survived, getting my money in good and having it stay that way.

Made it all the way up to 3rd. Unfortunately the first hand of LHE I get KK UTG and raise. The BB 3 bets and I just call hoping to get a good flop to get the rest of his chips in. Of course the flop comes ace high. Against other players I would have just raised in the rest of my stack here but I was 99% sure I was up against an ace. Ultimately it didn't matter as I went out like 4 hands later. I don't know that I'm mad I folded there just a shitty flop. Anything else I can get the rest of my chips in he's priced in to call and I would have a decent stack. Not complaining after getting a top 3 though, it was desperately need for mental health.

Now, I am ready to drop dead, since I went to bed at 1:20AM. Evil monkey child decided to scream from 4:50 until 5:50. Did come in a little late, but really working about 4 hours of sleep right now. Can't wait for the Mookie! I need 2 more tokens for Sunday, so I'll be in the frenzy tonight again, joy joy. Maybe I can post and fold to the money tonight in the Mook........

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