Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two Up

We went to Bondi Beach yesterday. We went to an RSL club (Return Serviceman's League) where you can play two up. The game is fairly simple. You pick heads or tails and find someone to bet against. Whoever takes tails holds the money and the three coins are flipped in a big ring. Whichever more land on that's who wins the money. Simple enough.

I decided to flip with NZ for $10. I know I know, flipping with NZ is definitely a -EV spot but I took the chance, AND WON!!!! I played one other game for $20 vs a random person and lost and booked a total loss of $10 on the day.

Here is a video of my win vs NZ.

Today is the $330 deep stack. Check out my twitter updates on the right for updates throughout the event.

I should have a pic up of the beach by tomorrow. Great beach. The waves were pretty much meh yesterday.

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