Monday, April 6, 2009

Brit and BBT

Final tabled the Brit yesterday. Very quiet first hour, maybe sat on 1700 or so. Got in good in the second hour when my AK held all in pre against KQ, got me up over 4000. Picked up a flurry of hands, got to around 7000, then busted two right before final table and went in with about 10K. Pretty quiet there, raised with KQ OTB after a coupla limps, got one call. Flop was 10-10-4 and got donk shoved into me and had to fold. Dwindled down, mostly through card deadness, got back to around 7K with 7 left. UTG raise to 2.5x, shove from player shoving light, I reshove with JJ. He has A8os. Flop J109, turn Q river K, IGHN. More ghey ass bubble shit. Technically 2 off the bubble, but still ghey.

Hopefully cash game run is turning around. Lost a 60 dollar razz pot playing 1/2 Razz on Friday. People seem to want to go 4 bets when then need to catch 2 of 3 perfect to win.....and get there. Had a decent little cash session yesterday, scaled back in limits. Made the cash in PokerSluts PLO by pretty much never raising and trying to outplay postflop. Worked enough to cash but didn't really have enough of a stack get into top 3.

Up to a tie for 12th in BBT standing with Buddy. Bittersweet really. Climbing the ladder in points but not getting the cash. You play to win the game and not cashing is not satisfying, no matter how many points I'm getting. I'll be there for Riverfuckers tonight. I'm wondering, if I just put my nuts in a vice for Tuesday night's PLO8 Skillz, will it lessen the pain of playing this? It may be worth a shot......

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