Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last 36 Hours

I have pretty much laid low the last 36 hours. I got all of the touristy stuff out of the way early and have been able to relax. Yesterday I played Blogger Skills Stud 8. I ended up making the final two tables but lost when I had 643 to start on 3rd and got into a big 3-way all-in. CK won the pot starting with rolled-up 9's against AA and my low didn't get there. She ended up taking the whole event. Good job.

I went of over to the casino after Skills was over and signed-up for the 1/2 game. I was #88 on the wait list due to the 6max tournament going on. I got called 2 1/2 hours later and played for an hour before the Pokerstars party started. I had JJ the first hand and won pre. About 6 hands into the session I was in the BB with 88 and flopped a set in a 6 way pot. I lead for $10 and got 2 callers. Turn brought a straight draw and hearts into play and I lead for $50 and got shoved on. I called and said I had a set. He flopped to pair and thought it was golden. After the hour I walked away up $100.

Pokerstars party was cool. NZ showed up for the free beer. They had a three chick band playing that was OK. There is some swimsuit competition going on at the hotel and all 30 0f em or so decided to crash the party. Some old overweight dude was chasing after them. Funny to watch.

I played the Mookie today. On the first or second hand of the tournament I am in the BB with 66 and call a raise of 105. Three to the flop comes AK6. I check call a pot sized bet along with one other. Here is where it gets interesting. Turn pairs the ace. I check, next to act shoves 2200 in, next player overshoves. I think this is a pretty clear fold in this spot, even if it is a blogger donkament. I folded and saw AQ and KK. Good fold me. River Q. See-ya KK. I ran a good bluff vs sophie ona 10,9,7,K,x board with 88 to get my chips up there.

Near the end of the first hour I pulled a winnar vs numbbono. I limp for 100 with 33 and he shoves 2200 in. I barely have him covered and I decided my hand is worth a flip and call. He has AK. I turn the 3 and get the near double. I slide into the points as a short stack and then when we are down to 2 tables I hold AK vs Buddy's AQ and get to 10k. Very next hand I have JJ and pot it pre-flop. Short stack shoves, Al overshoves. I can't fold putting 1/5 of my chips in pre here. Al has AQ and the short stack has 88. Flop Q and I am down to a about 4 bbs. Next hand I get AQ and ship and lose to AK. I think I finished 15th or so.

I am playing the mega-satellite in an hour. Figured I would take a shot and try and guaranty me a break even trip if I win. Hopefully more good news will be posted in about five hours or so.

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