Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So you're sayin there's a chance

Well it wasn't a top 3 but I did manage to make it to 4th last night for Riverfuckers. Not sure exactly how the points will work out but I believe it to be plausible to catch TJ at this point for April. It's still going to take a helluva effort but sleep is overrated.

Yo-yo'd early in this one. Got up to about 5500 early with a flopped set. Then gave it all back with TP vs underset in a SB vs BB confrontation. Got it back to 5200 or so, back down to 4100, finally go to the break at about 4700 or so. Chipped up a little to then first big hand came. I raised UTG with AK, get reraised, decide to just call and evaluate after the flop. Flop comes rainbow king high, I check to the raiser to see what info I can garner from a bet, he checks behind. Turn is another King and I check again, he bets about 1/2 pot, so I blogger min raise him back. He calls, river is blank and I shove my last 2300 or so, he tanks and calls. I take pot and he shows AA, good break me. Ride that stack until we are ITM.

Then I get lucky....again. Tony Eusebio raises small from the button, I have AKdd in the BB, BoatDrinks takes a little time and shoves. I shove over the top, not that his range is huge here but it's large enough to make this a pretty easy shove I think. Also I was around 8th in chips, I knew I needed to move up to get points. Of course he shows KK and I spike an ace on the flop. More then likely eliciting a laptop/mouse toss from BoatDrinks, and well deserved at that point. Down to final 5 I catch another break on the SS. Tony makes another small raise from button, VinNay just calls, and I call anout 1300 into a 6200 pot with only about 9K behind. Flop comes JQK, VinNay checks and I shove. Tony folds and VinNay calls and shows AQ, turn is a Jack, river a blank. Went out shortly there after when Lucko raises, I call with Q10 in the BB. Flop is a dreamy K1010, he bets half pot, I blogger min raise, he shoves, I call. He has 108, turn was an ace for a split pot and natch the river was an 8. Guess I had that coming.

We it's pretty fucking obvious I'll be there for Skillz tonight and Mookie tomorrow. GL to TJ and Shabazz for the last two events. Should be an interesting conclusion.

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