Friday, April 24, 2009

Live Action at Star City

I decided to play some 1/2 at Star City yesterday to get a feel for the players. The buy-in was $80 - $100. There was a $5/hour rake PLUS 10% up to $8. Yikes!!! In following the dealers it didn't seem like they raked as much as they were supposed to. Maybe its just me.

I bought in for $100 and lost it in about an hour. I dried bluffing out a crazian when I missed my flush but he held top pair and there was no possible fold there. I ended up dropping another $50 before I left. One thing they use is a shoe in dealing the cards. They take them out of the auto-shuffler and load them into a small shoe. When they are dealt out they do not leave the felt. The burn card pre-flop is placed face down on the board and then the flop is dealt. On the turn and river the burn card is placed down on the board and the respective card is placed over it. Interesting.

One other thing I noticed when railing the tournament is their chips. All of the chips have a white color and the only "clear" distinction is the stripes on the sides when you are looking across the table. I think it could be really really easy to miss a bet amount and to approximate someones stack. Guess I will find out when I play the prelim event on Sunday.

It will be no casino and no poker for me today. It's ANZAC Day here today and we are going to check out Bondi beach. I might stop by and check out the Olympic Park today as well.

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