Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Dookie in the Mookie

Because the Dookie was super turbo last night, I was warmed up from uber donkament ealier. This caused my luckboxing skillz to be in full form and I TOOK THAT FUCKER DOWN. That's right bitch, I PWN 2 dollar mtt's with a 2 dollar buyin and 300 chips. It was weird though actually having to play poker when HU cause there were just enough chips. GG to CloserX5, believe he at least pointed in Mookie as well.

Onto the Mookie. Got a big stack early when I doubled AA vs QQ. Stayed in the top 5 for most of the second hour, stealing just enough to stay where I was while completely card dead. Got into the points, things stagnated around 16 and then I effed up. I go short through a coupla missed steals, blah blah. Shoved two hands in postion to get back up, then had AK UTG. I had about 7500 in chips, the blinds were 400/800 with 150 ante, so pot was 2200 I think, I decided to just shove. Hopoing to get an over call, but willing to just add the blinds and antes, and that's what happened. OK. A few hands later it folds to with KQ in late position sitting on about 7800 or so. This time I decide to raise to 2200, leaving myself and exit strategy I guess. Mistake 1. BoatDrinks calls in the BB, and the flop is J9xhh, he checks. Despite my exit strategy I shove. Mistake 2. I have no heart, he calls with top 2. I am a fucking moron. If I just shove I have to think I jsut take it down preflop. If I check the flop I can fold when I miss gutter and over cards on the turn and still have 5500 or so to shove still in latish middle postion to get it back. But being the fucktard I am, I make two mistakes on the same hand and deserved to lose. I hate that shit.

This week, 1 FT, 2 points finishes, no cash except for bounties in skillz. Disappointing from a cash standpoint, since I've been taking a bath lately, but have improved to 14th on the leaderboard. Minus any child related drama will be playing mon, tues, wed next week hopefully sunday. Thanks for the blog props on BDR last night. Much appreciated.

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