Thursday, April 16, 2009

Less Than A Week Away Already???

I can't believe its already less than a week away before I leave. Kinda jumped up on me quick. So much to do before I leave. I think I have "finalized" my schedule of events.

  • Sunday 4/26 $330 NLHE Deep Stack - 10k in chips and 40 minute levels. Not bad for a smaller buy-in event.
  • Tuesday 4/28 $275 PLO w/ 1 Rebuy - I am looking forward to this event more than any other. I have always done well in live PLO events.
  • Wednesday 4/29 $330 Main Event Mega-Satellite - Shallow chips and a fast structure. If there is any that I end up passing on this will be it.
  • Friday 5/1 $2,200 Main Event Day 1b - I requested Day 1b. Guess I will find out when I get there. I picked the second day 1 because I wanted to know how many levels the previous day ended up playing and plan accordingly.
  • Sunday 5/3 $550 Teams Event - If I am not fortunate enough to final table, I want to play this one with NZ. You switch off every other level. If the first person up happens to lose their stack you get the other half and sit immediately. If they still have chips you get your other half once level 2 sits down. Sounds interesting.
So far I have sold 4% of myself for the Main Event. I am going to close of the selling by the end of the day tomorrow. I will try and post here as much as I can and will also Twitter during the events.


  1. I'll take 1%. Get a hold of me (pm, email, other) to work out details.

  2. OK I have now sold all of the percentages that I want to sell. GL me and my backers.

  3. Good Luck and more importantly, Good Skill Sir !