Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parting Shots

Three hours before I leave for the airport thought I would post some random items:

  • I was playing .10/.25 NLHE on Absolute yesterday and I love their fold and show button. UTG limps and I raise from cutoff to $1.25 and only the UTG calls. Flop A,x,x. UTG checks and I take a stab for $1.50. He folds and shows QQ. Why would you ever show that you are willing to make a fold like that? It's not that bad of a play but don't show your cards.
  • I was trying to get a step 4 ticket on stars so I can play one of the last two seat only sats for the Sydney event for some w$. Sunday night I played a step 1 and got it all in 1st hand with AK vs 1010. I flopped the K but he went runner runner straight and I am done. I steam bought into a step 2 and won a ticket to step 3. Yesterday I play the step 3 and finish 3rd. First hand after we get 3 handed I have A,5 in the BB and the short stack (not much shorter than me) goes into time bank and then shoves. I call and see J,J. I lose and am out one hand later. I sign up for the next one to go with my redo and had an interesting hand come up at 50/100 and still 8 handed.

Too greedy. Later on I had AA twice when short stacks shoved into me and I ended up winning my step 4 ticket. I will probably use it on the satellite on the 27th since I am not playing that day at all.

Time to gogogo.

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