Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two Live Sessions on the Week

I was able to get in two live sessions of 1/2 this week, both lasting between 3 and 3 1/2 hours. The first session was pretty meh. I played my fair share of hands for limps but never connected early. I was down to $40 from my original $100 and reloaded my stack back to $100. I gambled it up a little more than I usually do with the short stacks as the following two hands show.

I have J10dd and limp. Short stack shoves for around $25 total and gets two callers before it gets back to me. The other two players are deep enough and I close out the action with a call. Flop A,J,X and it gets checked around. Turn is another brick and it gets checked to me. Last to act I bet $30 and the other two folded. River is a Q. I asked the short stack if he had an ace and he said no. I tabled my hand and it was good. Short stack had 1010. the player on my right who folded said he would have rivered a queen. Good bet me.

As it turned out I destroyed the guy on my right every time he was in a hand. When he would have been best I bet him out of the pot. When he was all-in with an overpair i had a pair and a flush draw and got there. I think I personally had him reload 3 different times. Unfortunately they were all smallish pots and I lost all of those chips to various players.

The other gambling hand was when I had 55 and limped. A short stack ships for $26 and another short stack ships for $16. Its back to me and I decide to gamble it up. $26 stack had A,K and the $16 stack had K,3. I like it. Flop comes KK5. Live poker is so rigged. Turn 9 river 3. I lose the main but win the side pot for a $10 loss on the hand. Worst hand going in wins, standard.

After bouncing up and down for the whole session I ended up losing a whole $10 on the session. Two losing sessions in a row for me.

The second session on the week went much better for me. From the get go I won a pot and never fell below my $100 starting stack. I think I made a set 3 times and had AA KK and QQ once in three hours.

First significant hand I have J10cc and limp. Flop comes 10,9,3. I lead for $10 and get one caller. Turn 10. I check and my opponent bets out $20. I raise to $55 and he ships for a total of $80. I call and he has 10,6. My hand holds and in the first two laps at the table I am already up to $175.

My other two sets felted players with $50-$75 ish stacks and within 90 minutes I had $350 in front of me. The last couple of hours was a steady build up winning the limped blinds when I raised to $14 with QQ and KK. I did lose a pot with JJ when I bet $12 pre and got one caller. Turn KQx and I cbet $16. Opponent ships $100 in and I fold and see AK.

At the end of the session I had $435 in front of me for a nice little session. With the $100 buy-in its hard to have those massive winning days. At least that had been the case for me. When I left the table I think the next biggest stack only had around $150 in from of him. I was pretty much the only person to win a big hand during the session. Total profit on the day was $305 (forgot to mention the $30 I lost at 2/4 waiting for table to open).

Glad to have a few extra dollars for the BBT and the Sydney trip.

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