Monday, April 20, 2009

A Big Sunday

Many monumental occurrances this Sunday:

1) Phillies: Walk off homer in the 9th after shitting the bed the previous 2 against the Padres.
2) Flyers: After choking up a 2-0 lead in a must win game, come back and beat the Pens. If and only if they win game 4 this is a series and will get ugly in 5/6/7, which will be great TV.
3) Sixers: I am not a big B-ball guy, but even I know they have no business on the court with Orlando and some how Mr. "Can't hit and open jumper" Andre Igudala drains a 23 footer with 2 seconds left to win the game.

Most Important.

4) Snarf: Does not become the bubble bitch in the Big Game. Obviously the most amazing of the the 4.

So I spent all last week getting tokens for this thing. Thinking I could use them for the rebuy. Wrong. At 7:40, I thought well if I can't use them, I'll play the 14 dollar sat to the 50/50, then use that $T for the rebuy and add on. Fold, fold, fold, shove AA into a 3x raise and call, get called by JJ, Jack on the turn. TY and GYF. That plan now out the window, I decided to suck it up and just pay da monies. While this was not seriously depleating my BR in any way, the BR management gods were not thrilled.

I take the rebuy and the addon, then plow forward. Chip up a bit from the 5K I had to maybe around 6. Won a bunch of hands preflop without much contesting then came the first big hand, which made me glad I had done the rebuy/addon. Lucko has over 13K and open raises, the SB smooth calls and I wake up with KK in the BB. I went a little over 5x Lucko's raise. Lucko tanks and shove, SB gets out of the way and I call to see his QQ. My hand holds and now I am up to around 15K. I stay there for most of the tournament. Things get brutal, like always, at the FT/points bubble. I make a mistake in a SB/BB hand with Shabazz and all of a sudden I am in shove/fold mode. I manage to ride out that wave, getting a timely AK in the BB when PirateLawyer had KQ OTB and was pretty much priced in to call the all in.

Getting down to the bubble I manage to play good push/fold. Stealing enough to stay alive and maybe chip up a little. Problem is when the CL has 15BB, the entire table is only two hands form busto. Eventually TBA takes it on the chin and becomse bubble boy. My luck finally runs out when I call TJ's shove OTB with A8, only to see his A4sooooooooted river a wheel and out in 4th I go. I haven't not reviewed my HH yey, but I am 99% shore, every shove I made that got called last night I was ahead. And actually won......until I got ruckboxed. But no complaints. 2 Big Games, 2 cashes. Now my money total will look far less pathetic on the BBT leaderboard. And of course I make up no ground on anyone cause all those fuckers, TJ, Shabazz, and QueensUp were all the last three left. Dicks. GG by all, the April race should be pretty tight now. Who needs sleep!

Cya all tonight for Riverfuckers.


  1. I might have found it. The KAJ22 board? Me in bb you in sb. I flopped the nuts, had QT. I did run good in the Big Game last night but ran like hell in everything else yesterday. Cya at the tables.

  2. Ah yes, I was trying to remember my other luckbox 3-to-1 dog win...that A4 vs. A8 was the hand I forgot about. You were one of the unfortunate victims of my day of invincibility Sunday. Run like God, win a tournament.